John Paul and the Apostles / Press

“John Paul and the Apostles list Nirvana and The Beatles as influences, and it isn’t hard to hear Bleach-era Cobain in Tyson Lee‘s ragged, stringy voice coupled with a the harmonic sensibilities of the Fab Four. Joe Jarvis took home the drummer award of the night with his impressive and timely thrashings on the kit, while bassist Evan Smith noodled out a fantastic bass line for the arresting song, “The Grail.” The band’s current album Emily is available via Reverb Nation and CD Baby; if you can find a physical copy (again, CD Baby), though, it’s worth it because the album artwork is gorgeous.”

“John Paul and The Apostles are one of the kindest bands you will meet and they have a rocking sound.”

“They definitely cover the roots of a kind of punky expression, but also delve into more interdimensional landscapes of their guitar tones and melodies...it's going to be a great album.”

“JPATA is like Nirvana meets Built To Spill.”

"Why The Hell Would You Smash A Television Off Stage Where Kids Dance!?"