Johnny Action Figure / Press

“...Memorable riffs, melodic songs, and mesmerizing harmony vocals all combine to make this modern rock act sound positively timeless... and it's the band's best record yet.”

“The EP is a great listen in its entirety, with a mix of upbeat tunes, slower jams and interludes that allow each song to flow into the next.”

“This is a terrific album in a world where a majority of the music is homogenized, elasticized, compressed, distressed and lacking in communicative skills....this collection of songs deserves widespread airplay.”

“While the members of Johnny Action Figure are fairly young, Good Eye is a well-crafted slab of 70's inspired pop...the lyrics are both smart and smarmy.”

“In addition to writing interesting music, Johnny Action Figure is incredibly talented at writing impressive and distinct vocals. The band has mastered the art of harmonizing, which it does throughout much of this album, showing off just what amazing vocalists the band members really are.”

“There is a marked change in style on Good Eye. The band have always had an ear for harmony and tempo changes, but with this latest release they have become something like a new band altogether.”

“For the most part, [Good Eye] sinks or swims on the effectiveness of the lead and backing vocals, and you can safely say that no life vests are needed here.”

“Just real nice boys...polite boys. Never did cause too much trouble, and were always mindful of the folks around here. And doggon' it if the music wasn't pretty damn good, too.”

Local Man

“The band's all about the best of pop - I'll say! This is damn swell catchy pop music, remarkably recorded, with sparkling lead vocals and harmonies, sweet instrumentation, bouncy rhythms and much more.”

“The men of Johnny Action Figure have never let anything—least of all age—stop them from doing what they do best: crafting sweet, quirky indie rock tunes with lush harmonies, earnest lyrics and upbeat, poppy synths…the Philly scene just got a little more awesome!”

“For those who have been keeping up with indie music in 2009, think of "Good Eye" as Grizzly Bear's "Veckatimest" reimagined as a straight-up rock record. For those who have not been keeping up with indie music in 2009, "Good Eye" would be a great place to start.”

“The catchy melodies will definitely stay with you all day and randomly pop in and out of the internal jukebox of your mind. If you start singing along, don't worry because you just can't help it; Johnny Action Figure is just that good.”

DJ Hopson - Pace Press

“Johnny Action Figure is one of the few rock acts of the early 21st century that manages to combine pop sensibilities from yesterday, without coming off retro at all.”

Greg Prato - All Music Guide

“Reminiscent of early Jimmy Eat World with a healthy dose of latter-era Death Cab spread across the songs.”

Kevin Kampwirth - CMJ New Music Monthly

“Fans of the Shins and old R.E.M. take note... This is smart, tepid pop with heart and the kind of immutable chops that warm even the coldest of hearts.”

Mike Coyle - Chord Magazine