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“HORRID NASTY AND JEALOUS Here was have a reggae feel added to the too cool for school sound, the smoke curls from the end of the joint as we reeeeelax, vocal is more haunting and angelic on the verse here, until the stuttering chorus that feigns a build up, but just doesn’t quite get there, instead it drops back to the first riff and we repeat until we get a nice dub breakdown, just drums and vocals reminds me of those 12” B sides of the early 80s Punk, soon we are all reintroduced to the rest of the band and this slow, chilled wind, continues through to the sudden end, what? No that’s it? Bah damn it I want more!!! 7/10 To put it simply yes I am a fan, its that simple, this is good catchy music, chilled and a little spacey, a real different style to what we may be used to hearing, its refreshing though and reminds me of a couple of obscure bands whos names have long since left my mind, not that it matters, I want to hear more from them now, and also see them live”

“U KILL ME Ok here we go, the heavy grinding, smoky bass grinds its way into your face, cool as fuck with a ciggie hanging from its Jack Daniels soaked lips, smoke curls up into the darkness and is soon joined by punchy drums and a echoey rocking semi acoustic distorted guitar, cool punk rock n roll, the drums punch you hard and the guitar chuggs as we build to a little slice of simple guitar riffing, a sneer tinged vocal sweeps in, steady and slow, this is intertwined with some nice cool dude guitar riffing, sharp dressed music for sure, you cant help but like it, a real different style here and I am a fan, slowly the pace picks up and up and by the end of the song this rock n roll is Punked up, and has me throwing myself around like an old rag doll haha 8/10”

“You removed my comment just cos I said the truth, you're crap. End of discussion”

kevin grumbleberg - youtube

“I feel like this is the first time i've ever heard this sound...and I bloody LOVE IT!! Foreignly familiar and oh so alluring...Each song presents itself as a wonderful mystical gift for the listener...Absolutely inspiring, **Stands on a milk crate and high 5's the brains behind this musical creation**.. I'm in awe!! :) much love and respect from Australia!”

From My Bedroom Project - -

“Disturbingly Cute...”

Osmotic Tendencies - -

“I really like the " dem dur burrs" song. But I wonder what does it mean. Cool image too....Hmmm, .Are you russian men lost in UK::)))?”

sharon rachman - -

“When the psychedelic punk apocalypse comes this will be the soundtrack!”

Mothership 420 - -

“We are the Gnomes and we bop as we dig the sounds of The Johnny Squizzercrow Experiment... out here... in the garden”

Binary Gnome - -

“First of all, your profile pic is haunting my dreams. Second, this is such a cool unique mix of genres. That gargling almost gremlin sound in swamp girl is f&*kin rad.”

Mister Richter - -

“Your music is one of this rare pearls where soft anarchy is mixed with soulful esprit! Tasty cup of music and we had a big sip!!!! Ride on Johnnie ride on! Cheers and joy!”

pixeltruppen - -

“Krazy Klowns, tiny panda bear head. Masquerade mask creepy BUT Hunter Cap with face mesh terrifying! Glad your music was there in the video or I would of been gone...”

Jason J Brown - -

“Fucking Great! It's rare these days that I can stomach the next and the next, even from the big timers and so far I'm hooked! I've got to hear them all now. That's success, real success”

Muzz Murray - facebook

“a new invention of new wave - no warmup but a contemporary fusion with all it needs - and yeah we like it”

Candy45 - -

“Far-out Superheroes - scourge of the Forces of Bland !......”

the Throdgemorten Five - -

"dem dur burrs" has me reeling. This is an out-of-control experiment that makes complete sense. At least those voices in my head now have company. I'm on board

Howard Lawrence - -

“The second song off the EP entitled “Silly Bubu” is a little more mysterious sounding then the first. Silly Bubu throws the listener into this atmospheric place leaving you kind of lost and confused at first. Just as you start to adapt to the strange beat comes the soft-spoken vocals of a woman who appears to have come to guide you on this journey throughout the rest of the song. Several times on this trip your ears pause to admire the riff work of Mabel on a compressed guitar expressing itself. The combination of all of these elements makes Silly Bubu an exceptionally unusual and mysterious piece of artwork.”

redhousereviews - hubspot

“Whys it everywhere I go squizzercrow is right here?”

In Fell Traitors - -

“mashed up messed up vibes that take resisdence inside your head like a squater with shits.... let me know if you gig im just acrros the reserviors!! from you mad feckers!!!!...”

Industrial Deth Benefit - -

“Your video is a little like Ashes To Ashes meets Stephen King's It on the set of TOTP.”

Albert Freeman - -

“Can't stop now, its too late”

Swamp Music Players - -

“An epic blend of electronica and rock 'n roll with unmeasurable attitude”

Spencer Joyce - -

“Wow Johnnie-I really appreciate you daring to go outside the box with your music!Cool!”

Peg O'Brien - -

“I love what you do! Much more depth and musicality than most bands today.”

Joself Glaude - -

“Great Sound!!!!-Love the freshness and experimental mood here.Very creative and artistic..A joyful surprise!!!”

Vincent Pablo - -

“Why can't you play nice like all the other children?”

Robert Totic - -

“This sounds like Dr Who goes to hell! Totally awesome, dark sound! I'm a fan.”

Mellany Witt

“The official website describes the whole thing as an “experiment” and that is a perfect way to describe this. It is intriguing and mad, rather like someone putting The Bends by Radiohead into a microwave. ”

“totally get the vibe of these tracks, and love the deep, driving groove rolling thru them.."god is on the case" is a brilliant lyric, and I just love the twists and turns of "killed a cyclist.." that track is trippin!!”

Mike White Presents

“it offends my ears”

daleklovezgarlic - NWB

“I'm genuinely surprised at your sound.... It takes me back years when times seemed to be more musically inspired....”

Andrew Austin

“wow !! well this is music like never never ever heard before !!! sooo unique !! Love your style ...”

Hillbilly Dix

“Deliciously avant-garde with that great punk essence of the defiantly uncommercial. Full of paradox, attitude and originality and nothing sort of absolute genius, love it!”

“Silly bubu is pristine”


“Fantastic work. 'likethat' is our undisputed favorite so far. Best. /XP”

Xenophanes Productions

“You're an original in terms of music but also in terms of attitude. ”

Howard Lawrence