Joe De Celle / Press

“A new addition to TF is Joe De Celle, the gun slinging rhythm/synth/lead /guitarist. Joe is also no stranger to the stage. Joe was in his first band in the mid 90’s, Wacked, an Industrial/Hard Rock band where he played rhythm/lead guitar. Digital Trauma, a project created by Joe with the help from an artist known as “The Industrial Complex” from New York was an all experimental, industrial, and instrumental EP that was well received and played on various internet radio stations globally. Joe also owns the website, www.forestoflostsouls.com that includes haunted house sound effects he has created through the years of his experience as a haunted house owner and guitarist through experimenting. Joe has gone back to his roots since joining TF, and I must say, it is a perfect fit. What Joe offers the TF is this powerful driven force that was not there before, from his melodic, to the crunchy in your face riffs, Joe is definitely prepared to bring you the new TF featuring Joe De”

“Blood Borne Radio is pleased to bring you the best and newest in the dark side! Recently, we had the pleasure of bringing "Digital Trauma" on air for a "World Wide Premier"! This is a segment of the show that brings all the BBR listeners the very best of anything that falls into the shadow of the dark. When I heard "Digital Trauma's" melodic blend of ambient synthesizer and razor sharp guitar, I knew the best place for them would be the black light spotlight on Blood Borne. The music they create will penetrate your very soul, and haunt the darkest regions of your secret thoughts. The sounds that creep out from the imagination of Digital Trauma could easily be the soundtrack for the most chilling of nightmares! Joe & Bill have come together from different sides of the U.S., to bring the world a darkness rarely heard in the realm of the night. I was so pleased to have them on the show, and can't wait to have them back! The gates of the Blood Borne crypt are always open to Digital Trauma!”