Joanna Burns / Press

“Hazlet siren Joanna Burns may be young, but her vernal, piano-driven soul continues to enrapture crowds with ageless captivation. ”

Steve Bove - Asbury Park Press

“Joanna had a great relationship with the audience, they really enjoyed her performance. And of course she is a wonderful singer, I'm sure everyone is waiting to have her back! ”

Erin Donovan - Student Activities - University of Connecticut

“Joanna is an amazing performer. She is very personable and as soon as she opens her mouth the crowds come in. She was very easy to work with and spent time getting to know the audience. Everyone who attended had great feedback and cannot wait for her to return to Ship! ”

Ralie Heath, Graduate Assistant for University Union & Student Activities (CUB) - Shippensburg University

“My students are seriously obsessed with you and are still talking about your show!”

Allison Fisk - Student Activities - Devry University

"Not only is Joanna Burns an amazingly talented performer, she is great to work with. From the moment she walks in the door, you can tell she is there to have a good time. She engages students, and just puts everyone in a great mood. We can't wait to have her back this Fall!"

Whitney Nicole Jorns-Asst Director of Student Activities - Marymount University