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“I recently got my hands JJ Voss' sophmore record 'Show Em Who's Voss'. In the dozen or so albums I have picked up so far this year it is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. I consider myself a rock n roll kind of guy that likes a lot of country. A more accurate statement would be that I like well written story songs. Just about anything that I can really feel and grabs me I can get behind. Where the magic really happens is when you believe the artist. This is definitely the case with Regina native JJ Voss. JJ writes workin' man music. He writes honest music. I really dug the first record 'Hillbilly Storybook' from a couple years back but wondered if JJ could top his debut when I picked up my copy of 'Show Em Who's Voss'. I was delighted to find out out that the hardest working musician in Regina has really hit his stride with his most recent effort. In scene chalk full of the likes Taylor Swift's and Lady Antebellum's, JJ is the everything you like.......”

“As for the album itself, it’s a great piece of work J.J. The material is wonderful and your voice is the best I’ve ever heard it – the work you’ve put in playing shows in the past couple of years is certainly reflected in your vocals. Jeff DeDekker- Regina Leader Post ”

Jeff DeDekker - Regina Leader Post

“Aspiring Saskatchewan country music singer JJ Voss has been announced as the opening act for the Travis Tritt concert at Affinity Place on March 27. The announcement was made on March 10. Voss has released two albums – Hillbilly Storybook and Show 'em Who's Voss, both of which have garnered radio play and award nominations.”

“The album features songs that remind me of “classic” country, as well as “modern” country. The Night I Hit The Wall tends to remind me of a Blues song. Whereas, Playing For Keeps reminds me of a typical (that’s a good thing) country song about a love that has failed. It’s a Pride thing talks about being a hard working man and being proud of “working for what you need”, and doing what you gotta do. Each song tells a story and makes you really feel like you have lived the story. A true reflection of what country music has always been and hopefully will continue to be. Great job on the album, J.J.”

“Most artists will tell you the same, but J.J. Voss really is living his dream. Voss, who grew up on a farm about 20 kilometres outside of Cupar, started rocking gigs like the Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival when he was only 15 years old. "Guitar Town came out in '86 and that was a record by Steve Earle that basically set the hook in my cheek," Voss said. "I was captivated by that record completely. I was hell-bent to do that for a living." Voss said he used to memorize the Guitar Town liner notes - usually during school hours and hidden inside a text book. But, before he discovered guitar and Steve Earle, he played keyboards. "I played a Hammond organ for the first few years but it wasn't very cool," he said, laughing. "I used to get the s*** beat out of me lots for it. You weren't too popular as a kid showing up at school saying, 'I just won the most promising church organist.' So I morphed into guitar around 11." Voss is thrilled...... © Copyright (c) The Regina Leader-Post ”

“The evolution of J.J. Voss as an artist is quite evident with Show ‘Em Who’s Voss, which is scheduled for release on May 24. Although Voss’s debut album, Hillybilly Storybook, garnered positive feedback with its release in 2008, the followup disc has raised the bar for the Regina-based singer/songwriter. The disc has an interesting variety of music, displaying Voss’s love of country, rock, folk, blues and Americana. The songs — two of which Voss wrote solo while sharing writing responsibilities on the other six — are a fine blend of music and stories. Voss’s voice sounds great, a result of his making a commitment to his career after the release of Hillbilly Storybook. It’s obvious listening to Voss that he’s been performing regularly and finetuning the instrument that is his voice. It’s A Pride Thing, the first single from the album, is a true reflection of Voss the man. One listen to the track and you’ll know everything you need to know about Voss and”

“J.J. Voss is proud of his debut album, Hillbilly Storybook, but that hasn't stopped the Regina musician from heading in a different direction with his second CD. Hillbilly Storybook, which was released in August 2008, was a labour of love for Voss - he looked after every single detail of the album which he recorded independently. Once he made the decision to record a second album, Voss knew things had to be different this time around. "I am going to have to get industry people involved to help me go further," said Voss,”

“One of the Canadian artist J.J. Voss’s best songs, “Innocent Man,” began when he was falsely accused of assault by local police, his own boss, and several well-connected Sasktachewan thugs. After these hoodlums terrorized Voss and his girlfriend, the cops and even J.J.’s managers at the club where he was working and the incident had taken place believed the thugs’ story and not his. Over a period of several months battling the cops,”

“J.J. VOSS, “Hillbilly Storybook” (Independent) J.J. Voss plays at 8:30 p.m. Saturday at The Midtown Scholar Bookstore, Harrisburg. J.J. Voss is a rural Canadian songsmith, an underdog roots-rocker with a pleasantly seasoned, but not quite graveled voice,”

“Local artist J.J. Voss and restauranteur John Kessler have decided to try and lend a helping hand with the crisis in Haiti following a major earthquake on Jan. 12. Voss has been hosting Tuesday Night Troubadour at Bocados”

“J.J. Voss and John Kessler are a good team and their joint efforts have created a unique opportunity for aspiring musicians in Regina. Since summer 2009, local musician Voss and local restaurateur Kessler”

“When I first was introduced JJ's music he was playing bar rooms and has now quickly evolved playing large auditoriums, showcases in Nashville such as the "The Billy Block Show" back in March”

“Shows like American Idol and Making The Band illuminate the process of developing as a smaller act and working towards continued success. In most cases, though, the actual process is less glorified than in the Hollywood machinations. For local country act J.J. Voss”

“Shows like American Idol and Making The Band illuminate the process of developing as a smaller act and working towards continued success. In most cases, though,”

“One final note on the Drink show — JJ Voss warmed up the crowd for the Hammers,”

“HILLBILLY STORYBOOK JJ VOSS Independent Rating 3 (out of five) Be warned -- Hillbilly Storybook, the debut album for Regina artist JJ Voss, isn't a "country" album. It can't be tagged as traditional or contemporary country, although there of glimpses of both on the disc.”

“Oct 31st - JJ Voss - Fear The Reaper After days of intense writing and practicing. JJ Voss, Brad and Heather bring you the final product. The Country Halloween song is born!”

“Voss has a busy end to 2008 BY MARK CLAXTON, SPECIAL TO THE LEADER-POSTDECEMBER 26, 2008 JJ VOSS The Pump Roadhouse Friday Saturday, Wednesday - - - For the holidays this year, JJ Voss plans to spend a lot of time at the bar. And he's quite excited about it.”

“JUNOFEST to hit city More than 100 Canadian acts to fill 15 venues around Saskatoon Cam Fuller, The StarPhoenix Published: Thursday, March 01, 2007 It's a multi-band, multi-bar, live-music bacchanalia the likes of which this former temperance colony has never seen.”