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Jixi Fox is a Improv Free-Verse Actor Comedian...Jixi entertains through spoken word over beats, acting and performance art.
There are millions of musicians, authors, actors and models in the world, some great and some not, but Jixi Fox wants to be the the "Greatest Live Entertainer and Performer". Jixi has no limits, boundaries, no categories, and break stereotypes daily, just with a hunger to pursue the role to be a versatile entertainer for the entire world at any given moment. The hardest job is to be ready at anytime to perform in front of anyone no matter what, in which Jixi Fox challenges and lives his life doing.
Jixi Fox was born and raised in Portmore, Jamaica, and moved to New York City as a teen, adapted to the culture and lifestyle of always being on the go effortlessly. Jixi has a unmatched creative energy in which he brings with him everywhere, always willing to try something new. There is a blend of hip-hop, comedy, and performance arts in Jixi's routines which are similar to likes of musicians Ludacris, T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, Linkin Park, Fabolous, J. Cole and performance/sketch comedy/acting likes of Chris Rock, Dane Cook, and Dave Chappelle.
Releasing a new project every year, such as "The Adventures of Auto Tune" a comedy album trilogy, "The Burna Effect" EP hip-hop album, as well writing creative lyrics, poetry and comedy every day on his blog, as well as performing on Youtube, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and Bowery Poetry Club, Jixi spends his time creating original content, keeping up to date on new trends & current events, networking, and supporting other great artists. Since 2009, Jixi just keeps working on his craft, and waiting for that one day to get a chance to step up to the plate and give you all he has got.
"I just want to create, entertain, and connect with the people and give them something they will love, and can relate to being entertained by me." - Jixi Fox
"I use comedy, acting, music and poetry as my tools to entertain, I love to improv an entire or free-verse freestyle an entire song on the spot..." - Jixi Fox
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