Jim Pollock / Press

“Official Video Launch - Travis Collins launches Boots On (aka Bury Me With My Boots On) holds #1 for 5 weeks on Australia's Country Tracks Top 40!”

“NSAI's Jim Pollock and Terry B. Smith Find Success”

“Pollock and Smith recently signed the first tune they wrote together with co-writer Sandy Ramos, “Bury Me With My Boots On” with Perpetual Music Group (PMG), a North Hollywood music publishing powerhouse in the film, television and advertising channels.”

“...Pollock has a song written and ready to sing. As fits a man with a wife and three daughters, it’s about how little girls and women always get their way. ”

“Hi Jim. Listening to Give Me Something To Go On. Very beautiful song and voice. Plain good songwriting. ”

Magnificat Sonnets - Reverbnation Artist

“I always admire your sense of gripping the heart with your songs... keep sharing your talents with the world! ”

“Wow!! This is songwriting...Thanks for having these songs up Jim.”

Scott Fisher - Reverbnation Artist

“Jim - The song 3 pages is awesome, I see you are working on a new one. Cannot wait to hear it.”