Jimmy Jones / Press

“One act new to the scene, who has caught my interest as of late, is the Jimmy Jones Band. A diverse group of talent-rich artists hailing from Cleburne, Texas, home to such names as Randy Rogers, Steve Helms, and Sonny Burgess, the Jimmy Jones Band is taking a serious yet youthful approach to making music.”

“The idea for the new single, “Roam,” first occurred to Jones last winter while driving back to Cleburne from Alvarado. “It started as I remember the feelings felt when you are anticipating seeing your soulmate,” Jones said. ”

“He’s the kind of guy that just makes you feel better about being in this world. Jimmy’s confident, focused, driven and simply put a nice guy. The Jimmy Jones Band will not be “Johnson County’s little secret” for long.”

“Home town band shoots local video Jimmy Jones, center with acoustic guitar, leads the Jimmy Jones Band through a run of “Senorita” their first music video, shot in Johnson County on Nov. 19-20. The Cleburne country band recently unleashed their debut single, “Senorita” and “Wind Kiss.” Jones expects the video to debut early 2011. ”

“Jonesin' about the future. The Cleburne-based Jimmy Jones Band appears poised to make a big splash in local music circles, if not beyond that.”