Jim Ivins / Press

““18 Dreams” is a mid-tempo tune rooted in pop, but with indie, country, and roots-rock sensibilities...[that] conveys an overall wistful feel while looking reflectively, thoughtfully, and at times achingly at a longtime relationship now dissolved”

“[House Of Three] is one of the most gorgeously perfect songs I've heard in awhile”

“On Jim Ivins' second solo release, he traverses the sometimes impossible escape of the mind's prison and how contemplation during those most lonely times during the night can lead to some soul searching therapy.”

“This EP is quite good.”

“[Late Night Drive] is a cohesive, intimate, personal, and raw record that manages to keep its distance from the easy road of emotional melodrama.”

“Bastard son of Sufjan and Carraba rocks acoustic style. 7/10 stars”

“As it stands, this is good music; Jim Ivins seems to have come pretty far pretty quickly, and the potential to keep on rising rings out in the music loud and clear.”

"House of Three" is the best song of this collection. A heartbreaking tribute to the 2010 death of Ivins' mother, anyone who has lost a parent, friend, or partner will be able to relate to its raw emotion...After building the emotional tension over the rest of the EP, this final song acts as a cathartic release.

“Late Night Drive is a collection of songs of reflection. Ivins’ soulful songs glisten with his falsetto, breathy vocals and textured guitar-playing.”

“The self-reflective title track made me sit up and take notice and “House of Threes,” a tribute to his recently passed mother, brought a tear to my eye.”

“The lyrics paint gorgeous aural landscapes when partnered with his acoustic guitar style, ranging introspective views of the soul, to the mysteries that await us as we journey through life.”

“In a world saturated with bubblegum poptarts, young artists like Jim Ivins is a welcome breath of fresh air...Ivins’ voice is reminiscent of Ben Folds in the tune of Chris Carrabba, and it’s A+ on this EP.”