Jill Cohn / Press

"Extraordinary, pleasantly powerful voice"

Phoenix New Times

"Her songs are beautifully crafted, sometimes bittersweet and sometimes hopeful, but ever easy and melodic with soulful and savvy lyrics"

Chicago Tribune

"Jill Cohn is the perfect act to book for a peace rally or large coffeehouse. Her thought-provoking material and highly emotional delivery are what make her a strong solo artist. She is personable both onstage and off, which creates the feeling of being right in her living room. With the way of the world today, her throw-back Sixties style might just make a comeback."

Music Connection

"Her revelatory vocals and lyrics display a mature emotional expressiveness, and her beautiful piano playing contrast the trip-hop grooves on "Kerosene" and "Twenty More Days", creating a well-rounded album that won't leave your CD player soon."

Keyboard Magazine

"Though it's unfair to spin every sensitive female singer-songwriter around the Sarah McLachlan/Tori Amos axis, this Seattle-based performer definitely evokes those influences without succumbing to them. Comforting music for discomforting times."

Jam Magazine

“Cohn herself writes good songs that get under your skin and stay.”

Deonne Kahler - Taos News

"...with an expressive strong voice, and a lovely worldliness to her songs, Cohn has the heart-stirring lilt of the Innocence Mission's Karen Peris and the palpable melancholy of Sarah McLachlan - Jill Cohn is an artist to keep your eye on."

Performing Songwriter