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“Jessica Shores Bakes a Yummy Cake Almost every musician has a crazy name for his or her studio. One of my personal favorites is “The Kitchen” and I recently got familiar with music from the industry’s new female version of Buddy Valastro.Her is name is Jessica Shores and she sure bakes a yummy cake. There is something special going on inside Jessica Shores’ Kitchen. After getting very acquainted with her sound over the past week, my eardrums are in love with her recipe and craving for some more. Several songs from the Jessica Shores catalog can now be heard on Presley Radio and she can be found performing all across the nation. If your in the area I recommend checking out her next live show, held in Palm Springs at Plan B on March 9th. Long before being a sexy rock star Jessica Shores was a young pupil of music. She began singing and writing at an early age in Long Beach, California. She not only sings, she also plays several instruments including drums and piano. Jessica ha”

“She was born with a rare mitochondrial disorder; as a result, she became paralyzed and was told she would not walk again. She proved the doctors wrong. Jessica is not only walking, she is performing her songs live from coast to coast in New York and Los Angeles. This is an exclusive interview with Jessica, to find out what drives the artist to continued new heights and achievements. 1. How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place? Jessica Shores: I have been singing since I was five. I remember I would write songs and sing them to my family. I was first chair in junior high school band as a percussionist. I didn’t begin performing at shows until around 2009, but in 2010 I was forced to take a break because I became very ill following a very long hospitalization. I wanted t”

“Jessica Shores underwent an emergency surgery last week and is finally safe at home recuperating. She emailed us some pictures of her surgery and wanted us to post them but I get kind of squeamish at the sight of blood, so I’m posting one of my favorite Jessica Shores videos instead”