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Filtco - Reverbnation

“One word,'OUTSTANDING"”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation


Dorothy Wilson - ReverbNation

“Really great music!!!”

Natalia Krishtopets - Reverbnation

“I'm in love with your sound! This music makes me wanna go to the club right now!”

Christian Knight - ReverbNation

“PROMIZE™: LOVE it!!!”


“Great sound, awesome tracks! Greetings from THE TIME BOMB KA-BOOOOOOOM!”


“Great!! is your music and production and talent. I love what you are doing, Star quality my man. Much love to you.”

Curley Washington - ReverbNation

“Good sounds coming out of here...well worth the visit! Nice.”

Barett - Reverbnation

“i'm really diggin it !”

McKinley - ReverbNation

“Phat production. Loving it - real hot !”

Divine Charle`nee - ReverbNation

“your stuff is really good and thats the kind of stuff i wanna make and the stuff i like listening too.”

Sturge - ReverbNation

“Very cool tunes.Keep the beat up,all the best from Sevilla city!!”

Pepelux - ReverbNation

“I dig it! :) Awesome sounds!”

Koko Conley - ReverbNation

“Awesome! Shine On!:)”

Caroline Moore Music - ReverbNation

“I'm jumpin in my seat! I want to dance! Great productions my friend.”

Christine McHoes - ReverbNation

“Shits funky bro! I'm diggin ya joints for REAL. You got that FONK. Keep on pushin!”

CALLOWAY - ReverbNation

“I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!! The production is incredible!! So lush :) You're awesome!”

Tonye - ReverbNation