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“Opening the show was Jeff German & the Blankety Blanks from the Columbus, Ohio area who played a stellar seven song set of upbeat, catchy rock ‘n roll with a pedal steel twist from Matt Wilson. Guitarist German shared vocals with bass player Bradley Williams and was backed by Graig Barnett on guitar along with Mike Nelson on drums. The boys offered up some selections from their latest record Twelve R.O.U.N.D.S and their upcoming new release in September. Highlights included “1,000 Times”, “Spark in the Dark”, and “Sit and Think”. Little did German know that his call out for journalist from the stage actually included one sitting in the back of the house.”

“On Woodshed, the band covers The Replacements’ “Achin’ To Be” – one of German’s favorite bands. And although German did not make changes to the song, he does sing and play it with true authentic emotion. “I did my best to stay true to the song and still put my own emotion and feel the song as either I would’ve written it or how I would’ve interpreted it artistically,” says German. The addition of the song to the maxi single came by request of the record label’s president after hearing the band play the song at a label party. German stated the band had been playing the song live for years but never considered recording it. He said the song seemed like a good fit even though his brother couldn’t disagree more. His brother told him “you should’ve call me” and “let’s hope Paul Westerberg doesn’t hear that song.””

“German then came on, looking natty in a plaid sport coat and the first of an ever changing variety of to-die-for guitars. He did songs from the new album, songs from the new maxi-single and a few tunes I had never heard before, like the darker “1,000 times” and the text message inspired “Somewhere Between Now and Not Quite Yet.” The supporting band was terrific, with Graig Barnett tearing it up on lead Telecaster. My favorite part of the night was when Barnett and German did a harmonized guitar lead on “12 Rounds,” a tune from German’s 2014 release of the same name. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday. It was a great and loud set, and I walked away with a new appreciation for German’s sincerity. After watching him physically throw himself into songs like “12 Rounds” or “Black and Blue,” you realize just how personally he takes this.”

“A Granville area rock musician, Jeff German, has signed a record contract with the Madison, Wis.,-based Slothtrop Music company, according to a record company announcement. “We are excited to have a songwriter of Jeff German’s caliber on our label,” said Slothtrop Music President Eric Hester. “He represents everything we love about music — great songwriting, exceptional musicianship and a solid work ethic.” German, dubbed a “blue-collar rocker” by the record company, has made numerous appearances locally, including the Granville Fourth of July Celebration, performing with local groups such as the Cur Dogs and Heavens to Betsy, and with other standout local guitar players in the Fourth of July “Guitar Gods” performances. He also was a guitarist for Columbus-based singer Lydia Loveless. “I am the son of a strong union electrician,” said German. “I am a husband, a father and a grandfather. I am a 50-year-old man who, after taxiing teenagers around and coaching h”

“Authentic American music has long been taken over by the pop machine, but if you look for it real rock ’n roll is still alive. If this album is any indication, it lives in bars and clubs all over and is just waiting for you to come find it. The great thing about guys like Jeff German and his Blankety Blanks is that you feel like you already know them and this music. They’re hiding out in towns all over the place, scraping up a living as sidemen in bars and writing great songs on the side. Go out and see Jeff German and the Blankety Blanks live, as I’m sure that’s the only way these songs could get any better.”

“Now here’s something to spread some hope through the music scene. Long time Columbus musician Jeff German, who had a nice run with the Cur Dogs and has played occasionally with Lydia Loveless among others, is turning 50 this year and has just signed a three record deal with label Slothtrop Music. Slothtrop will be re-releasing his terrific 2013 album Twelve R.O.U.N.D.S on March 18, 2014. I’ll run a separate review when it drops in March, but in the meantime take heart locals, there might still be a payoff for slogging through the bars and working on your songwriting. Jeff will be celebrating with loud music and cheap champagne at Woodlands Backyard on February 21st.”

“Former Cur Dog guitar slinger Jeff German steps out on his own with this new record '12 Rounds' and new band, The Blankety Blanks featuring new songs and new interpretations of his celebrated Cur Dogs' songs with Jeff on Harmonica, Guitar, Baritone Guitar he's joined by Bradley Williams (Oolong Guru) Vocals, Mandolin, Bass - Graig Barnett (The Cur Dog) Guitar and Brian Mincks on drums.”

“Jeff German opened his set at Rumba Café on Friday, Nov. 22, with a pair of apologies. The first, delivered before a single note had been played, reflected the singer/guitarist’s self-effacing nature. “For what you’re about to encounter,” he sighed, “I’m deeply, deeply sorry.” He followed with a second, “Apology with Every Song,” a rollicking, roots-inflected rocker off 12 R.O.U.N.D.S., his just-released album with his band The Blankety Blanks. More often, though, German’s songs were about learning to cope with disappointment rather than making amends. One minute he was sighing, “There’s got to be more … than this miserable existence,” and the next he was comparing life to a brutal boxing match, dropping his guard and taking the punches because he was simply too worn down to avoid them any longer. Instead he tried to dull the pain with alcohol (“This town needs a bar because I need a drink,” he sang on “Sit and Think”) and a woman’s touch (the org”

“There are two things I know about Columbus, Ohio: 1) Because its demographics are similar to that of the continental United States, it is the fast food focus testing center of the planet. 2) There must be something in the water, because many of my favorite artists and bands call Columbus home. And it's looking like Jeff German's about to join their ranks. Jeff German's the first to say he's not a blue collar rocker. Sure, but he brings an earthy sensibility to his music and lyrics. You've probably heard his guitar work with Lydia Loveless and the Cur Dogs, but this is Jeff's first (or most recent -- I can't tell) crack at solo work. These songs are simple, but that's only because they hit you between the eyes with their earnestness and confidence. German is mature but never sedate. Overall, I'm honored to conclude 2013 with Twelve Rounds: this was a year with some of the most tumultuous news stories since 2008, and it also brou”

“Slothtrop Music Signs Ohio based Jeff German to 3 album deal January 7th, 2014 For Immediate Release Madison, WI, January 7, 2014- Slothtrop Music is proud to announce their recent signing of Ohio based Blue-Collar Rocker Jeff German. Mr. German was introduced to Slothtrop through the Sonicbids website. “We are excited to have a songwriter of Jeff German’s caliber on our label”, said Slothtrop Music president Eric Hester, “he represents everything we love about music- great songwriting, exceptional musicianship, and a solid work ethic.” Jeff German grew up listening to his older brother’s record collection: Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Stones, Faces eventually morphed into The Clash, The Damned, The Jam and then into Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. His entire musical pursuit strongly tied to that collection and his southern Michigan roots. “I am the son of a strong union electrician.” says German, “I am a husband, a father and a grandfather. I am a 50- year-old man who,”