Jeb Havens / Press

“[Jeb's] voice is beautiful and has this ability to carry so much emotion... There aren't many artists that have an authentic ability to convey what he can in less than 5 minutes... The combination of Jeb's vocals and Oliver Voigt's production are flawless and they can absolutely deliver the goods.”

“There’s a sense of honesty to Jeb's voice and songs. They are goose bump causing... I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this rare talent. It’s hard to find a genuine talented voice these days that is not all synthesized and worked over in the recording studio. Jeb will capture your heart.”

“The result is a strong collection of songs, each of which has its own identity but also feels a vital part of the whole. The emotions are raw and potent, the production crisp but restrained, the vocals beautiful... The gritty "We Are" is a standout among quality songs.”

“I had the good fortune of seeing Jeb Havens perform for the the first time. I was blown away. Jeb is a local singer and songwriter who has an amazing talent writing some great songs but also singing them with such passion on stage.”