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“The PRe3 also does vocals exceptionally well, and listening to pianist and songstress Jeanne Newhall on her latest release, Wild Blue [Blix Street G2-10086] is a shining moment. This is a CD about love and relationships and the PRe3 is just as adept at allowing the emotional content and intimate delicacy of songs to shine through. Jeanne Newhall has a passionate voice and all of her tender moments and romantic overtures on the piano kept me fixated during the performance from start to finish. Yet with all of the romanticism and dynamics, the PRe3 is also capable of extracting micro details from recordings. The PRe3 is extremely quiet and allowed me to detect the sound of an unfamiliar percussion instrument on track six, “This Kind of Life.” After hitting the repeat button on the CD player numerous times I finally realized that I would be better off looking at the CD cover to find out what kind of mystery instrument this might be. (more-see link)”

“” Jeanne Newhall is a poet who creates music that fits her stream of consciousness in a jazzy, lively-yet-mellow way. Her latest release “GLIDE Deluxe Edition” is filled with emotion that makes you feel empowered by her honesty. I’m at an age where the relationship games are done and listening to someone tell it like it is feels wonderful – vulnerability is not a fault, it’s real and can be powerful.””

“ “Acclaimed pianist, singer and songwriter, Jeanne Newhall dances freely between folk, pop, r&b, country, and jazz with a classically-trained musician’s ear….and now turns up on Blix Street, the label that launched the late Eva Cassidy to international recognition. Jeanne shares many of Eva’s attributes: a distinctive, emotional voice that gets to the very heart and soul of a lyric...The album opens with a stunning rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s HUNGRY HEART and closes with a jazzy rendition of THESE FOOLISH THINGS, in between are a myriad of musical gems that defy glib classifications and just fall into the essential music category.” ”

“ “Newhall delivers a selection of original tunes with sylph-like vocals on a par with Phoebe Snow and Joni Mitchell…. While the piano work is intricately performed, it's Newhall's voice which makes this work captivating… her vocals are an instrument unto themselves.””

R. J. Carter - The Trades

“ “Newhall’s artistry is in full flower with her newest release, Wild Blue from Blix Street Records…The 14th album release from this prolific songwriter/pianist/vocalist follows projects across a vast catalog of styles…Although best known as an instrumentalist, her confiding and intimate vocals on Wild Blue are in well-balanced counterpoint to her accomplished playing and intuitive songwriting.” ”

Dan Kimpel - Music Connection

“The vast musical roots of well-respected composer and sophisticated vocalist Jeanne Newhall have impacted jazz and new age music since the late ‘80s. She has a credibility that stems from her back catalogue of thirteen CD’s and her 2001 single, ‘Race Through The Clouds’ that features guitarist Peter White. Equally at home in the studio or on the live stage Jeanne has toured far and wide across the USA and Europe. Originally from Phoenix AZ she now bases herself in Los Angeles where, as well as being actively involved in compositions for film and television, she has just released her latest album ‘Wild Blue’. Running the gamut from sophisticated contemporary vocal jazz through pop, country and evocative folk it’s a collection that for the most part is music on the mellow side but which at times injects emotion that is off the scale.”

Denis Poole - Jazz Therapy