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“Jeanne Lozier is a fresh voice and one of the hottest blues women on the scene. This new CD needs to come with a warning sticker: "Extreme Danger. May ignite CD player. Use liquid nitrogen spray to cool down your machine after each use." Not even to mention the effect on unsuspecting listeners. And, no--taking a cold shower won't help you either. Jeanne Lozier will tear you up with these fiery, sultry and sexy blues.You better hide this from your wife." Frank Matheis WVKR 91.3 FM Public Radio ”

“Amazing CD for everyone who likes Blues and loves a powerful voice-This CD is a must for anyone who loves Blues. Jeanne's voice is powerful and addicting. She is able to take you right into the song with her and feel every word she is singing”

“All Hail the New Queen of the Blues! Her signature vocal style is very distinctive and imparts the feeling that every word is coming from someplace very deep and very real inside her - this is the kind of experienced raw emotion set to music that is what the blues tradition is all about. ”

“Smokin' release - Jeanne serves up a tasty gumbo of Blues sure to please One of Jersey's local Blues talents, Ms. Lozier simmers with passion, growls with gusto and delivers her message with conviction.”

“Thursday, January 18, 2007 Bluswax Magazine CD Review-2006 Category: Music ”

“' Blues is the Beginning" Lozier Said..."without it there would be nothing else"”

“''You have to love it,'' said Jeanne Lozier, 36, a band leader and singer from New Milford. ''You're going to have a hard time for the rest of your life.'' ”