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“You said the F word 82 times and had a dog sniff your ass during our hour interview hahahaha”

“Every once in a while you connect immediately from the word "HELLO" with someone. Jasmine Cain is an artist that if you met her at a show, at a bar, at a coffee house, or at an interview, I believe, one of those people. Honest, poignant, energetic, outgoing, welcoming are all words that I could use to describe the person I interviewed. Her music is captivating, riveting, and one taste will only make you thirst for more.”

“But I can tell you about her .. I can tell you she will go without things she needs herself to send presents to her friends. She will sew her own costumes to afford to help someone she doesn’t even know. She will work tirelessly on projects for which she gets no credit. She will drive herself fifteen or twenty hours to a show, unload her own equipment, dress, THEN rock her ass off for hours.. And then load all her own equipment with an achy body and bleeding fingertips and get back behind the wheel of the van and do it again. She writes songs at 6 am and she plays her guitar barefoot while she hums softly along late at night. Her soul is a melody… Her mind is a symphony. She can effortlessly dance from country to blues to hard rock with a gleam in her eye without missing a beat. She deserves recognition for her tireless efforts, her superb music, and her devotion to her fans. This is not a popularity contest.. This is about who can bring the most to that stage… That's Jasmine Cai”

“Straight from the gas guzzling hog wild town of Sturgis comes the raven haired, leather and lace queen of the open road Miss Jasmine Cain. Here to smash your face with a few shots of Jager and a show of originals and covers you’ll want to remember, planting a pretty image in your mind you won’t want to forget. Till the early hours of the morning she weaves her headbanging gothic spell, thrashing out like a mad woman banging out deep soothing, thumping bass lines with attitude and you should hear her scream.”

“Jasmine Cain and her band of rebel rockers are bringing rock and roll to the gypsy soul. This high energy rock band features Jasmine Cain as songwriter, lead vocalist and bassist and she is ready to take over the music scene with her powerful vocals and soulful gypsy style. Her name is widely known in the motorcycle culture as her band has headlined Easyrider events for three consecutive years and her long list of festivals performances includes Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Radio Bold Music Festival, Bike Weeks in Daytona, Laconia, Las Vegas and Arizona as well as main act for Full Throttle Saloon (which became a TruTV series). Her bold and powerful vocals have been capturing everyone’s attention and once you take a listen, you will join in and fall in love her. They have recently released a music video for their song, Nightingale which has a really awesome chorus and completely ROCKS!”

“Nashville area’s best kept secrets: the energetic, easy-going, peerless Jasmine Cain. Jasmine’s music and performances have earned her numerous accolades and a fiercely loyal fan base. This highway siren, who is taking no prisoners, sat down with us to talk about her humble origins, her meteoric rise through the music scene, and her latest album.”

“Emerging artist Jasmine Cain, lead singer of the self-titled band out of Tennessee, was honored with seven nominations at this year’s Music City Mayhem Awards. The band walked away with three awards including Female Rock Vocalist of the Year for the third year running. This was no surprise to her faithful following who have loyally backed the band for years as they press forward toward rock eminence. I am one of those fans who first discovered this rugged and spirited woman belting out Soundgarden and Alice in Chains songs for those lucky enough to participate in Florida’s infamous Bike Week. She made an instant fan of me with her famous roof dive in to the trusted arms of the crowd below. This was no ethereal woman hoping to hang with the guys, she was dominating the place. So, as you can imagine, we were excited when Jasmine Cain took some time to talk with us here at GuitarTrump.”

“Jasmine Cain, the South Dakota born Rock Goddess, songwriter, lead singer and bassist is quite the entrepreneur having her own clothing line and coffee brand as part of her merchandising efforts. Jasmine is a favorite of the motorcycle scene across the nation, the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and making noise with her throttle to the pedal current tour of the USA. Her implementation of using Kickstarter to fund a tour in 2013 is also an indication of her understanding the power of social media within the life of a rock star and perhaps rendered Jasmine as “A Modern Day Gypsy!””

“Music is an important part of a bikers way of life, having a built in jukebox helps the miles fly by on the open road. Not sure which number on the Evo jukebox , but an artist often listened to is Jasmine Cain. Having a moment to catch up with a rocker who was caught by the music , allowing her artistic talent to keep rolling When you head to Daytona, Sturgis or an event near you will know what I 'm talking about. Here is her story.”

“One example of their dedication is that in making the last cd release, ”Highway Prophet, ”Jeffery and Jasmine wrote the tunes and were unable to find a producer to produce the entire album. They went back to the studio and found producer Glen Robinson in another city to help finish up the cd. The stage performances also have a wealth of eye candy as well as ear candy. The ear candy ranges from covers to their original songs along with eye candy video on stage and often circus performances such as acrobats and an aerial arts performing troupe. In addition to her creativity as an artist, Jasmine is very much the center of the business of “Jasmine Caine.” “As the old business model starts to break down, more and more bands are taking control of their own careers” says Cain. She handles the marketing, advertising and that has kept the band moving in a forward motion.”

“This coming week Jasmine Cain will be back in Daytona with a new album and her band of rebel rockers to headline several nights of rock n’ roll both at the Broken Spoke Saloon and close by at the Iron Horse Saloon both in Ormond Beach. But unlike the daytime intimate settings you are used to, be prepared for mind blowing, anthemic rock shows complete with big production, lighting effects and more original material from everyone’s favorite Bike Week band! Always a great show, with talented musicians and high energy, not to mention Jasmine’s famous stage dive! Her new album “Highway Prophet” will be available for the first time to Daytona Bike Week party-goers as well as a new line of apparel so you can promote your favorite rocker chick to the masses! ”

“After that I was invited to a Jasmine Cain dinner/concert at the close by hotel. With the gift of her voice, her rock n’ roll energy and the raw guitars of her band, Jasmine impressed both the crowd and my group. We all agree that after touring the country during many years, she’s got now the stage presence to open for the biggest acts of the rock scene. And we told her when she joined us for a group picture with the Nicklus family (Jeff, Conrad, Cindy) and friends.”

“Back with her third independent release "Highway Prophet" Jasmine Cain delivers a rock album rooted with influences of classic rock, blues, soul, country, and raw attitude. Cain gives something for fans of all genres of rock something to enjoy. To the very soulful "never goodbye," of wishing we could go back in time, and say things to loved ones we never got the chance to say; to the edgier "Drifter" of letting someone you know this is who you are, you're not changing, and that hearts break. The highlight song on this album is "Time." It incorporates soul, country, rock, and great piano into one amazing formula showcasing the talents of Cain and her musicians. This album will provide a soundtrack great for all cross country and unplanned road trips.”

“f you follow my blog regularly you know I'm a huge fan of Jasmine Cain. She recently released her latest CD "Highway Prophet". You can find her tunes, including many from the new CD on ReverbNation. My personal favorite is "1995". Seriously, this girl knows how to rock and she's pulled it out from the depths of her rocker soul on this new CD. Check out the song "Runaway" and some great photos from photo shoots and gigs that she's played. One thing about Jasmine is she loves her fans and is one of the nicest rockers you will ever meet. If you make it to a rally where she'll be playing make sure you check her and her band out. You will not be disappointed. ”

“For the last seven years or so the Jasmine Cain band has been making a name for itself at biker rallies and rock concerts all across America with her own special brand of slamming rock. With boundless energy she bounces around the stage toting her huge bass guitar... and her vocals are nothing short of exceptional. I guess it's true, great things do come in small packages. ”

“If you haven't heard the music of The Jasmine Cain Band you are missing out! I discovered "The Inside", the band's first album, about a year back. I was blown away! Every song is amazing on this album and you find yourself listening to it over and over again and before you know it you have memorized every word. She's an amazing woman who has total passion for what she does! ”

Stephanie Myers - The Many Thoughts of Harley Girl Blog Spot

"Picture a gothic cathedral in a forgotten forest. Sound pulses with the wind as banchees on nightmares gallop to pay homage to their queen. This is the magic of Jasmine Cain. She brings her gifts to the stage, and though small in stature, her voice can echo the halls where she is performing and beyond as if coming directly from the gates of heaven. Her melodies draw you in like a siren's call to the rocks, conjuring ghosts and angels, mixing mirth and magic. She flashes demon eyes one moment, only to skip across the stage with lilting laughter the next. She is a mythic rock goddess with hair aflame, then, just a quickly, a pixie with an axe looking for mortals to mesmerize. She is Jasmine Cain."

Dave Nichols-Editor in Chief - Easyrider Magazine June 2006

“Jasmine Cain is the REAL DEAL. Few new artists come to mind who encompass the essence of rock n roll. Jasmine's songs are filled with emotion as well as detail, putting you in the driver's seat as she takes you on a musical ride of imagery and diversity. With a kick ass band who knows how to lay down a groove (including Jasmine on bass), Jasmine Cain's new album gives hope to the future of rock n roll. With an unrepentant spirit, Jasmine Cain is ready for lift-off. Lucky for us, the lift-off is NOW!”

Mac 97.1 RQQ Nashville's Rock Station, Music Director/Afternoon Radio Personali

“From a promoters point of view there is only one way to judge the success of a band...a statisfied audience takes the time to go to the merchandise booth. In the 20 years I have been promoting events, the longest lines I have ever seen at a band's merchandise is at Jasmine Cain's booth. Jasmine Cain leaves the audience wanting more. This is a talent that can't be taught. Over 50 shows in the last 24 months and Jasmine Cain has never let us down. Rock solid performances every time....”

John Green (Easyrider Events/Broken Spoke Saloon/Lone Star Rally)

“I think that any great artist like Jasmine Cain entertaining you during years in big motorcycle rallies all over the country deserves to end up being featured in my Blog (you can read much more about her in the June issue of Easyriders & V-Twin Magazine). She is a powerful singer and songwriter. Before you watch her video, Sasha Mullins, also a singer, takes over my keyboard to write a few lines about her dear friend.”

“Her second release is "Locks & Keys" which she co-everything'd and with pockets turned inside-out - foot the bill. A powerhouse collection of ballads and high octane rock, the album draws you in and you just can't let go of the listening experience, because her captivating style won't let you! Her first release "The Inside"received amazing reviews and she sold plenty at her shows and online.”