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“Amazing Talent!!!!”


“vocally yours" is a must listen for fans of Neo-Soul. The tracks "Fly" & "Remember" have commercial appeal. "My Man" & "Beautiful" are anthems for the ladies. The remaining tracks of the EP are made of H2O. Three different types to be exact. French, English & Spanish. "L'eau" is a spoken word poem performed by Jai Moi herself and is by far the best of the three. "Water" is the realization of that poem in song and they match together perfectly. "Agua" is from the man's perspective and is aimed at the ladies. Overall, "vocally yours" is an excellent indie EP that will leave fans anxious for the full LP.”

“First listen of your EP was refreshing. Your voice is beautiful, Jai....beautiful tones and conviction. I felt like I was getting to know you as I listened and hearing you be you for the first time. Fly (inspire and empower) & Water are probably my favorites, although I did have to put Beautiful on repeat at one point. :-) The mix of spoken word added a nice element....another something that seemed just as natural and easy for you as it does for you to exude a sultry spirit by way of your voice and lyrics. You did well with creating memorable hooks and an easy flow of lyrics for your audience/fans to remember. Your lyrics paint a picture and leave nothing to interpretation when it comes to what you're feeling. The band sounded great and your vocal presentation (tone, pitch, clarity and emotion) was on point. I think what you're doing works well for the Neo-Soul/Jazz vibe I get from this EP. Keep soaring! Peace & Love, Johnny's Daughter (Songwriter/Singer/Publisher)”

“This is majestic music that shapes the soul and renders emotion... Jai Moi has a voice that embraces the soul and the elements of sound alone. "VOCALLY YOURS" is an immaculate display of tapestry- the guitar riffs, spoken word, the voice I absolutely adore this foundation. I am so looking forward to more works by Jai, Peace... BIG L.A.H.”

“My wife and i are sitting here listening to your play list and i must say that we are impressed. Your sound has a "familiar uniqueness" to it. Keep pushing those sounds...”

Mr. Workman - Reverbnation Fan

"have been listening to more of your music, You were blessed to be a blessing. Thank you for sharing, the pics are wonderful as wel, you are truely a beautiful woman"

Eric - Facebook Fan Mail Message

“Now you already know track #1 Fly is my joint on this one. Had me standing up clapping my hands singing the hook with you,lol. Fly. Diggn this joint. Track #4 I miss you, ummmmmmmm, now that was sexy. I loved listening to this sistaz voice. When she speaks its sexy as hell plus she fine, y’all saw the album cover,lol. Track #7 was sexy. Beautiful is that joint. The video was sexy too, thanks for filming that. The behind the scenes was cool, made us feel part of something. Write on, write on Jai Moi.”

“j'Ai I am breaking a Rule and Writing On your Wall. Why ? I am So Proud of you. I have listened to Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Funk all my life, it is my Bread and Butter, and Girl, your Fusion is not only Contemporary but Classic too. You have Old School and New School. You fill me Up ! I'll get your CD as soon as I can... (under the weather now) but it will be a Prized CD for me, probably sit in my Laptop, and I look forward to what more you have coming. You have so many talents and sounds. You ARE the Bomb !”

Anonymous - Facebook Fan, Hawaii

“Your song “FLY” walks hand and hand with our mission and goal which is to empower each person with encouragement and action steps that will take them to the next level in their relationship(s) with God, self, family, friends, as well as within their business. Your song encourages one to believe and take to a step towards success, healing, loving, and being free from everyone else negative words. AWESOME!!!!”

“It was lovely to meet you too ma'am. You have a very unique style that my ears appreciate :) And you will see me soon!!”

SoFree - Fan

"Fly" is like syrup bubbling in the cauldron. Enjoyed.

Tzynya L. Pinchback - Girl Poet - Reverbnation Fan

“My Cd arrived today and I have been bumping it all so often no doubt, great vocals, immaculate songs, and the acoustics are vibrant indeed, I'm captured...continue to do great things JAI...wow Peace Queen”

“Hi Jazzy James [here.] I`m sitting here in Augsburg Germany groovin on your good music I realy dig it.”

James Belcher


“Blessed love empress...ure music is like wakin up in the mornin...openin ure window and catchin that first breath of fresh air...sun and all..”

Dan Fiyah Beats - Montreal

““ U got a great professional sound. Vocally and musically. Best of luck. ” ”

“Great voice, nice easy listening :)”

“yes!!!!!I love it!!!”

“Love this jam, Girl! Even us Alaskans know how to appreciate good tunes, ya know!!! LOL. Keep up the good creations! Tootie”

"not everyone wants to hear a slow song that is a tear jerker.. and i would turn to your station for that"

Costen - FaceBook

"sounds really nice and calming.. your music is that winding down after a long day at work music or that jazz that aint based on blues jazz"

Conceptual Marquette