Jade Alston / Press

“Refreshing artists in today's R&B scene are few and far between but Jade Alston should make for a welcome addition to your playlist with her new EP, Single On A Saturday Night.”

Nate Santos - The Source

“Jade Alston is an International One to Watch”

Joseph Patterson - MTV UK

“... (Jade's) got a voice that sounds timely right now, especially on the title track and “Searching”: smoothed out and breathy, in Toni Braxton’s general area, never strobing in your ear, sometimes even self-effacing”

Ben Ratliff - New York Times

“Please support @JadeAlston and her music. It's really good, I listen to it myself.”

DJ Damage - BET 106th and Park DJ

“(Single On A Saturday Night) features Jade's vocal skills and songwriting abilities as well as her remixing ability... Give Jade Alston a chance, I think you will enjoy your listening experience.”

Jesse James - StupidDope.com

“Warner Brothers R&B songstress and Philadelphia native Jade Alston certainly “aint” your average, a fact she’s making clear with a soft alto that has that touch of sass needed for a proper R&B diva. Coupled with melodiously poppy beats- as showcased in her debut EP Missing You Lately- Alston is a refreshing R&B force that sounds like a cross between Mary J. Blige, SWV and RIhanna. Despite these similarities, 24- year- old Alston is definitely creating a unique musical niche as she continues her rise to the top.”

Zoy - Vibe Vixen

“Jade Alston: R&B's New "It" Girl”

Pynk Magazine

“Searching is HOT, HOT, HOT!! Make that video NOW!! Women are going to LOVE it!”

The Legendary Parry P

“Jade Alston’s voice is similar to Toni Braxton, but she’s more like the female version of Kanye West and Drizzy Drake. Her music is refreshing make sure you download and spread the word.”

Global Vito - Thatsenuff.com

“I enjoyed listening to the entire EP. Jade is very talented!”

Crysc - DefPen.com

“The time has finally come. If you know me personally OR simply follow me on Twitter, you’re probably aware that I am a HUGE Jade Alston fan. She exhibits ultimate control of her voice, her content is appropriate and relevant, and if you can’t tell by the EP cover above, “easy on the eyes” would be an understatement.”

Urban Media Kings

“The mixtape is fire! The Intro sets the tone perfectly and is followed by my favorite track from the project, "Missing You Lately" (though there are a couple that are not far behind). Also, Sunday Kind Of Love (with her walking away in heels at the end) brings it to a close very well. I really like how the theme of Single On A Saturday Night runs through the entire mixtape. And, of course, Jade's voice is amazing. Period.”

Dj D Scott - Dssence.net

“Wow!!!!!!!! Single on a Saturday Night...Wow... And all of the rest of the songs are Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Loving the groove and the vibe it gives... each song puts you in a different state of mind, and is refreshing, and passionate..this is wonderful...”

B - Beautiful Butterfly Show

“Jade Alston's latest EP entitled "Single on a Saturday Night" can be best described as dynamic. Jade enchants with a unique deep, or rather, warm tone that is supported by quality energetic tracks. The highlights of the EP, in my opinion, are "Missing You Lately," "Searching," "Sober," "In the Morning," and the old school sounding "Sunday Kind of Love." Jade's EP equally satisfies fans who love to dance and those looking for meaningful lyrics. Woman will be able to relate to this album and men won't care whether its grits or bacon "In the Morning" because Jade is serving it just how we like, beautiful and extremely talented.”

Luke Bigler - Luke Radio

“Jade Alston is one of those names that have been constantly popping up in my Inbox and Timeline so I definitely had to check her out! ... I’m a huge fan of the project and I’m definitely looking forward to what’s next from Jade Alston. She’s definitely repping Philly well.”

Zay - Earstyle.net

“Anybody hear Toni Braxton in that voice?!?! Jade's voice is amazing.”

Dante - FlyGuyMusic

“With a voice reminiscent of Toni Braxton, I can’t help but love what I’ve heard thus far. Above all, its her (Jade's) point of view that is most striking-its feminine yet masculine edge shows true promise.This Jade Alston is definitely one to watch.”

Soul - Sound On Mars

“Big fan of R&B and this girl hits the right notes every time. Singer Jade Alston out of PA is bringing back that soulful sound that has been taken over by pop music.”

French - The Kid French

“With a lower vocal range, after the first listen she immediately reminded me of Toni Braxton. Don’t take that the wrong way though, she definitely has her own unique style.”

The Maven - The Conscious Tip

“A friend of mine recently put me on to up and coming R&B singer/songwriter, Jade Alston. It only took one listen to her “Missing You Lately“ song for me to know that I’d be hearing much more about her in the future. I love her sound.”

Crystal Annick - CrystalAnnick.com

“Jade is slowly but surely making a name for herself and covering a Beyonce hit is an impeccably fantastic way to promote yourself. Check for this chick. She might just be next up.”

“'In The Morning' is a MUST HAVE! Rated 6 out of 6 stars!!”

“I randomly found this lovely lady singing and I must say SHE'S DOPE!!! Not only did Miss Thang write this song herself but she also plays an instrument.. SHEEZ! YALL ALREADY KNOW MY EARS HAVE DIED AND GONE 2 HEAVEN.”

“It seems that (Jade) Alston has mastered this clever spin (SHE-MIXX) on the ever popular remix, with her beautifully vulnerable covers of Coldplay's "Clocks" and Kanye West's "Runaway."”

“HUUUGGGEEE Shouts out to Jade Alston!... Jade Alston is definitely holding it down for the ladies!!! She’s HOTT!!! Be on the look out for more from her! ”

“Jade Alston is a young talented singer/song writer that is a product of the grind. She kills this cover of Fall 4 Your Type.”

“(Jade Alston) is definitely someone to keep an eye on because she is on the verge of something big. Her voice is unique and nobody in the game right now has a voice like hers...”

“New singer Jade Alston adds a female perspective and brilliantly covers J.Cole & Drake's song "In The Morning."”

“Jade Alston is a relatively new artist, but it seems like she’s got what it takes: a tangible brand, a team of hustlers behind her, and most importantly, TALENT, RAW TALENT. With the #shemixxes, Jade adds a female perspective to popular songs. It works. ”

“Philadelphia based artist Jade Alston is releasing her new project titled “SHE-MIXX: A Woman’s Perspective”. Once a week Jade will be releasing one or two remix covers of some of her favorite songs performed by male artists. Its a fresh take on the “mars vs. venus” concept and I am definitely looking forward to it!”

“Jade Alston is a singer to lookout for in the coming years. Jade has a great voice and so far everything I've heard her voice on is clean and well laid out!”