Jackson Highway / Press

“In 1974, five friends got together to form a band that has since traveled a lot of miles and back again. Jackson Highway, a classic rock band, features Russell Gulley, of Fort Payne, Dennis Gulley, Tommy Patterson, Britt Meacham and Michael Grando. The group reunited in 2010 and just released their newest EP titled Asphalt. Their journey began in Muscle Shoals. They released their first record in 1977 and began touring. “We toured up until 1980 when we signed with Capitol Records, a major label,” Gulley said. “We traveled around the country playing with several big name acts including Ted Nugent,” he said. “We even played the first June Jam in Fort Payne.” In 1986, the group disbanded after the studio they worked with in Muscle Shoals sold out to another company that focuses mainly on the Blues. “Dennis and I went to Nashville and worked with an agent there,””