Jack Preston / Press

“Thirty-plus years later, Atlanta-based hip-hop renaissance man, Jack Preston makes a declaration on “Trouble” that resonates in much the same way: “It’s tragic the way they try to rape my people of they passion/system designed to take the last of they ration/I’m on that brash sh-t…””

“Usually I’ll stop and take a few words to describe the action and set the scene, but this is one of those times where I feel better about keeping my mouth shut and letting the work do the talking. We’ve had an abundance of local music videos produced this year to varying degrees of success, but this joint right here might just top them all.”

“Jack Preston ain’t playin’ with y’all! If you’re not FOR the community, please believe he’s pulling your card.”

“The video is set to catapult Jack Preston’s mark as an MC, displaying his creative and articulate flow that allows the listener to follow as if being read a story.”

“Jack Preston is one of the more original, multi-faceted cats doing it in the city right now. Sometimes he raps, sometimes he just makes fie ass instrumentals, sometimes he kinda sings.”

“Remember this name: Jack Preston. His performance was one of the best I witnessed at the recent A3C Hip Hop Fest. And dude is prolific: The Atlanta-based producer/musician/MC's new EP, Trouble, is the fifth project he has released this year.”

“One of the best things I love about my life is that I know some of the most talented people in Atlanta. One of them so happens to be Jack Preston who has helped me out in a couple of shows backing me up on drums. I guess you can call him the Jack of all trades because not only does he play the drums, he is involved in his own Hip-Hop group and also does some very groovy instrumentals.”

"Jack Preston is a dynamic dude. He is an mc, producer, graphic designer and among other things not afraid to be creative in all aspects of his life. His style can be described as Andre 3000 meets a bohemian and they collaborate."