Codec Official / Press

“The presingle Defibrillator has made the hearts beating faster and further of every energy addicted dancefloor-monster in the last couple of months. As the single was attended by two remixes, now with 9 more tracks there are coming along the dancecharts -TopTen of the of the next month, of course with Defibrillator on the pole-position. ‘Ashes and Dust’ breathes down on the neck of this smasher. With catchy vocals the track wouldn’t be the worst choice as the next single. The mentioned before dancefloor-monsters are getting their money’s worth with the third song. The track is even named like them. The beginning sounds like a truck that is blowing the horn on its way through the club, followed by seven other glorious tracks.”

“Kick in the eye... no I am not talking about classic Bauhaus songs, I am talking about the long awaited solo album done by Jack Codec the half of the duo Codec&Flexor. This album is wild and absolutely made to fill the dancefloors all over the world, but Jack didn’t take the easiest route by creating just a brachial dance album. He did something very special by creating these outstanding ten tracks; he combined the beauty and the beast, power and brain. Absolute brilliant! Jack filled each track with life and love, his music screams and rampage, but the melodies and little hidden sound treasures in each track show you that he isn’t such brutal as it seems at first sight. This is intelligent rave music – music that owns handwriting.”