Jackal Tickets! / Press

“In case you haven’t heard of Jackal Tickets, let me take a moment to shine some light down. The ska quintet from Roanoke, Virginia has been rocking for a couple years now, working hard to represent the glory days of ska-punk music, and they have done quite the job. Listening to some of their tracks, one is reminded of early Less Than Jake, Choking Victim, Operation Ivy, without sounding generic. They also remind me a little bit of this great band from Florida, Unit Six. The boys have created a unique sound while staying true to tradition. Get to know the band a little more by heading to their MySpace page, where you can listen to some songs the band recently uploaded. If you like what you hear, head here to ReverbNation, where Jackal Tickets is offering their CD up for free download. The band is playing a couple local shows in Virginia over the next month, so head to their Dying Scene Shows page if you’ll be in the area. ”

Milhouse - Dyingscene.com

"I can't even fuck with the Jackal Tickets!."

-Chuck Norris