I'Wante / Press

“If you love comedy mixed with some music, the comedic entertainer I’Wante Diamond has the perfect elixir for you. The east coast comedian just released a new single titled “I’ll Slap A Bitch” from his upcoming 50 Shades of Gay album. Sidebar: I am going to do an internet search on whether 50 Shades of Gay is already a name of a porno film. I digress. Not since the days of Millie Jackson and Rodney Dangerfield, I can recall entertainer blended comedy and music so well. I even got confused on whether I should laugh when I want to so that I do not miss out what is being said. Regardless, this is worth a listen. ”

““Niggah, Please I want Tiffany's” This song is hilarious from I’wante’s vocal tones the beat and message we all want diamonds after all, real ones though. “Obama can you help me?” The second song in off of the album and he’s mentioning Obama, and weed in the same song, I’Wante knows how to be politically incorrect and having me laughing all at the same time. “I'll Slap a Bitch” This is my track off of the album, I love the beat I loved his lyrics. Let’s be honest everyone has a bitch they want to slap; I’Wante can just pull it off better than most because he adds his comedy spice to it. “Ms. Monroe were you a Hoe?” The tittle of the song grabbed me before I heard it then listening to it I just smiled, I’Wante has a way of twisting things just enough to make you smile, giggle or laugh, this is one of those tracks. ”