It'll Grow Back / Press

“It's not pretty, and it's not polished; it's neither complicated nor clever; but It'll Grow Back's simplistic punk rock is as brilliant as it is basic. SEDUCE AND DESTROY sounds like something recorded in the early '80s, with its flat, lifeless drums and fuzzy, fuzzy guitars. The album's energy and enthusiasm is the band's own and not the fruit of some studio's soundboard or some producer's expertise. The riffs in songs like "Burn the Kid Out" lurk and slink suspiciously behind J.T. Rocket's voice, which is part Davey, part Danzig, part Jello, and yet is unusually unique. The raw rock 'n' roll intensity in "Say What, Motherfucker?!" showcases It'll Grow Back's gritty bravado with Rocket's wall-quaking wails, growling guitars, single-finger solos, and unpretentious, passionate punk-rock spirit.”

Skratch Magazine

“This week I'm reviewing Seduce & Destroy by Fresno's own It'll Grow Back. I must ask myself, will it? Will it grow back? And further more, what happened? Picture, or more importantly hear, this; the bastard 3 way love child between Danzig, Newbomb Turks and Dead Kennedys. Seducy & Destroy is a quirky and crunching 10 song disc of short sweet tracks. Clocking in at just under 20 minutes it is totally perfect for that morning commute (provided that your's is also just under 20 minutes) The big seller here for me is that It'll Grow Back, despite having somewhat obvious influence, aren't a knockoff band. The have a genuine punk rock and roll quality all their own. The mix seems a little muddy to me right now, but that may well be my head. Bottom Line: Fresno you say? Go Figure! ”


“It'll Grow Back have some straight-forward rock moments that are mixed in with a Faith No More kind of quirkiness. The vocals have equal presence with the music, and they're sung with clear annunciation, or shouted with snotty overtones. This band is like a smorgasborg of punk rock from the '90s. ”

Maximum Rock&Roll