Ironhead / Press

"Jagged, slashing, venomous motorsleaze!"

Sleazegrinder - Classic Rock Magazine

"If you like the iron-fisted crush of Motorhead stirred with the switchblade swagger of Backyard Babies, Ironhead is your new bag of trash!"

Dave Glessner - Metal Edge Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine

"If Lemmy let AC/DC cover a song he had written for Ozzy and they had Steve Jones sit in for good measure, you would have Ironhead!"

Acey Slade - Joan Jett, Murderdolls, Amen, Dope

"These guys pack enough solid rock to get you down the Jersey turnpike with plenty of metal in your pipes."

The Cutting Edge

"Addictive as heroin, you just cannot get enough. You want it, you must have it, get it."

SugarBuzz Magazine

"Trash rock ‘n’ roar with their foot to the floor. No stoppin’ till they hit that wall."

New York Waste

"Be careful, this is a dangerous band, they can bring out the hoodlum in even the best of us."

Glitter Gutter Magazine

"This Virginia-based metal trio is a prime example of how aggressive, trashy metal should be played. With the intensity of Motorhead and the skill to write quick, catchy tunes à la the Ramones."

Skratch Magazine

"I love to ROCK! I am obsessed with ROCKING OUT. I crave/seek a rocking adventure each and every day when I open my eyes. The mighty IRONHEAD is a part of that soundtrack. Raw, Dirty, Loud and Heavy. Just like I want it. Hell yeah, I'm a BIG fan!"

Bill Lindsey - Impaler

"You made a believer out of me! Ironhead Rules!"

Paul Arnold - At War

“Raw, Gritty, Metal.”

Link Magazine