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“Irie Fuse blasted off into their first song...the crowd seemed stuck and jaws dropped. Then with no cue or anything they all fell into the groove and danced as one. Absolutely amazing. The band carried on and in each song focused on one member of the band as if to explain how special each member was and to give insight as to how they all worked together through a beautiful unison of individuality. The crowd was non stop, the band was relentless. Outside you could hear the windows cavitating. They were loud but so talented that they were not loud enough. At one point a song blended into Bob Marley's "Stir it up"... shocked and unified the crowd even more and gave more excitement to the night.. Several songs later the crowd wanted more and more... they played a long late set and didn't disappoint in the least. Irie Fuse made a mark in the 831 for themselves and will continue to do so in further shows.”

"Marin County-based IrieFuse has begun its own capital campaign for its first full-length studio album. Riding on the tails of its successful Sun is Rising EP and a series of festival and club shows the reggae and rock group is counting on its ever-growing fan base to help fund its new album entitled Give & Get Back."

“It is not too often that a local band builds up steam within a world pumped with cover and tribute bands monopolizing the club scene. But IrieFuse is doing just that — even with a sudden name change from Counter Culture in recent months — its Bay Area fan base has continued to grow.”

"Regional favorites like Arden Park Roots, IrieFuse (Counter Culture), Valufa, and Grace B. Taholo warmed the crowds with their familiar and much loved charms while international stars kept the festival groovin' from late morning to night."

“In the summer of 2012, Counter Culture added their own sweet Reggae magic to the "One Love, One Heart Reggae Festival" at the Rio Ramaza Marina. The group of talented, young men rounded out the Reggae flavor with their "Dubrock Reggae" and their sexy, casual charm. This year they return as IrieFuse which is actually an evolution cycling them back to their original handle ..."”

"With Joe Endoso as lead vocals and guitar in a light-grey polo and jeans, he led an almost continuous stream of music; the tunes barely paused and thus, neither did the dancing."

“Artist after artist took to stage beginning Saturday morning, Aug. 31, 2013 with The Servants, Isheeba, Irie Fuse and Suppa Saa for a morning of Reggae dance and meditation on the river. High energy, dynamic vocals, powerful words, and talented musicians filled the Rio Ramaza Marina stage and drew in the crowds as they danced, chilled in lawn chairs, cruised the vendors, took photos, celebrated birthdays, and got their Reggae groove on.”

“Counter Culture evolves back to IrieFuse (full feature article)”

“Counter Culture brings ideal variety to Sac Reggae festival ((preface: article written when we were known as Counter Culture)”

“(preface: article written when we were known as Counter Culture) -- Counter Culture is doing big things in Northern California! Their single, Sun Is Rising, is a positive, feel-good tune with some well written lyrics - a very tantalizing peek at what’s to come on their debut album set to be released this summer. You can catch them live at Reggae in the Hills 2012 or any any one of their numerous shows throughout California and Oregon. Check their tour schedule and download some free, unreleased music on their website at www.counterculturemusic.com.”