Ire Clad / Press

"An interesting blend of Metal that I have never heard before, which is a good thing!"

Andy Phelps - The Metal Review

"After an impressive debut two years ago, Ire Clad returned with an even stronger second album, one that's full of crushing guitar riffs, growling vocals and topical lyrics. Some of the songs are pretty catchy, too, especially "Piece of Life."

“Wow great heavy rock band with an awesome old school heavy metal sound mixed with modern day hard rock. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically supreme and the music is pure rock.”

“For the past couple of years, Ire Clad has been giving the regional heavy rock scene a major kick in the butt. Led by towering singer-guitarist Harrison Rumsey, the band has built a reputation for its crushing riffs and powerhouse vocals.”

““Ire Clad have plans on recording and releasing new music this year and if any of this is a prelude to that madness it shall be nothing less than incredible. This band is on my ‘ones to watch in 2014″ list.” -”

“Ire Clad. Killer in your face metal and a killer video that made it onto Heavy Metal Television. ‘Nuff said.”

"Hailing from upstate Ithaca, New York comes the heavy metal styling and deep sounds of Ire Clad. While I have known the bands name for some time now; I just recently had a moment to dive in and immerse myself in the sounds. And oh what thunder emanated from these speakers."

"The song is a demonstration of how the new bloods style combined with the elder statesmen of metals influence confluence perfectly into the here and now. Plenty of in your gut deep chunk riffage with several guitar acrobatics thrown with powerful precision drum and bass work. The band rocks. Period."

"If, just hearing these two songs and watching the one video caught my attention that much; it stands to reason that a full set would only further establish the facts presented. Ire Clad rocks and rocks hard, are a band on the rise, and any heavy metal fan that gets the chance must take notice and see them."

“Ire Clad, “Empowher.” Named one of the best local songs for 2012!”

“Ire Clad, “Ire Clad” — Harrison Rumsey and company gave the local metal scene a kick in the butt with their self-titled debut, which featured massive guitar riffs, roaring vocals and lots of energy.”

"But we are hoping to revive THIS area's metal following to a new level, a new age... an Ire Age!"