The Strangers / Press

“'The Strangers' - An MC, vocalist, bass, drums and a sultry female keys player..... It sounds like it shouldn't work, but it does... and I tell you for why here... Each member of this band has an inner passion for music that cannot be tamed, and while I fully believe that on each of their own personal i-pods is a complete array of music genres, when they bring it together, their ability to adapt and compliment each of their separate musical styles shows true musicianship, which lets face it, nowadays is hard to find. Without a doubt, music fans are becoming increasingly tired of manufactured artists, churned out by the Industry everyday making it all to easy to fall into line, following what some management team or TV show have pulled together, brainwashed into believing that if we do not follow, we are not cool.... its making a mockery of the 'Music Industry' and creating the 'The Industry of Cool'... ”