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“Featured Band Time ya, we are doing it , The next band we are about to feature.... on the show... we are going to take a trip acrossed the atlantic... to the U.S of A ..and floridan metalers.. INFEKT. Now they 've got a brutality about them but you've really really hard pushed to actually pigin hole them, they've got,.. Masive diversity in there music, one thing.. you can.. be sure of, they play metal you can bang your head to. The band has just compleated there brand new E.P Lost at sea and of course I have three tracks to and you are going to love um. We are starting off with the title track off the E.P is lost at sea fallowed up undo your beleafs and then we will have encased and closed. I have got a feeling... you are going to want to crank this up to 11, It is INFEKT....... (playing tracks ) Lost at sea... undo your beleafs.... encased and closed... ”

“ahhh yes. thats is..the good.. stuff.. getting .. your heads banging. I present to you our featured artist INFEKT.. Aabsolutly fantastic.. They do have a new EP out Lost at sea. the best way to find that and get your hands on that or to just find out more about the band, really easy go on to hit them up on facebook , facebook.com/infektfl. cause they are from Florida, it is INFEKT with a K,. I,N,F,E,K,T,F,L. as allways on the left hand side of the main page you can scroll on down,.. you will find them, .. under this weeks freatured artist give them a click, show um the love,..let um know you heard them first on the Beerman show. Got a good representation in the chat room as well. Good to see every one banging there heads and really enjoying the music. Absolutly fantastic. like I say metal.. you.. can.. bang.. your head to. Brilant band! and ya hopefully coming over to the UK one day from florida, ahhh ya the amarican metal i tell ya one thing there are some bloody good bands. ”

“INFEKT is the most brutal metal from Florida in the U.S. today. After listening and playing 2 tacks during my radio show. The response from my listeners was over whelming, I loved it and will play them on my show for ever. The song off of the new EP from INFEKT are well produced and recorded superbly simply smashing . the music is put together incredibly masterfully , I give it a 5 stars out of 5 stars. hope they make across the pound in to Europe so I get a chance to see them live maybe a festival or a tour not sure about if they have plains or not but it would be kick ass. Pick up the new release from INFEKT Lost at Sea.check them out at www.reverbnation.com/infekt ”

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“When Infekt took the stage, the crowd was surrounding them, cheering and ready to mosh. This four-piece band defiantly stands behind their name; they are infectious in their music and their performance. From their intense pounding of the drums, to the solid riffs of each guitar, this band has a sound that drives your heart to a heavy beat. If you haven't had the chance to catch them live make sure you see their show at The Cameo Theater on March 13th to find out more go to myspace.com/infektmusic.”