Imogen Brave / Press

“Headliner and girl-fronted Imogen Brave closed out the night with a powerful set, blending powerful rock characteristics from bands like Van Halen and Foo Fighters with an in-your-face vocal style like a more badarse version of Hayley Williams. Frontwoman Stef Crowley was hypnotising to watch, as though she'd performed the same set hundreds of times. Every transition — between songs, between verses — there was such a natural change in energy that it brought a whole new dimension to the songs, magnified by the unfaltering complements from the backing band.”

"...On offer is strong, tight and punchy rock, laden with chunky riffs... and supported by a killer, driving rhythm section... ‘Fall or Fly’ also showcases the immense, powerhouse vocals of Stef Crowley. This is a solid recording, produced by Mick McClounan... with drums recorded/engineered by James ‘Jimmy’ Balderstone at Capital Sound Studios. A faultless mix & mastering comes from Adelaide’s Mick Wordley of Mixmasters Studio... There is a familiar, underlying “old school” rock feel to this collection of music, yet you’ll also find a modern twist that gives it that unique sound Imogen Brave have developed over the years. While the recording is consistent in quality of production and performance, take note of the subtle changes in arrangements; the crafted break downs and build ups across all tracks give each their own sound and colour. These individual personalities amongst the songs become clearer after a few listens, and you’ll want to take the time to get know ea

"..The seven song EP is a slick offering, with the four piece delivering a lesson in loud and potent rock... there are subtleties at work here through some thoughtful and interesting song construction. Dynamics are used really well, allowing tracks to build in intensity and occasionally surprise the listener... Imogen Brave are a hard working outfit that have developed a reputation for their strong, visceral live performances. Fall or Fly is a satisfying effort that effectively captures some of that live intensity; you get the feeling that these tracks will go down well when played at full volume in front of an audience. But there is also suitable light and shade here, with some interesting ideas and strong production values... With thoughtful song construction and the soaring voice of Crowley, there is enough here to lift those hard rock sounds from the 80s and 90s and make them sound vital and fresh once again..."

"The band has put together seven tracks of solid hard pop rock and explores the myriad of influences that make up Imogen Brave. Lead singer Stef Crowley pumps out the vocals in classic rock chick style, both playful and bold and reminiscent of all the greats: Chrissy Amphlett, Shirley Manson and maybe even a hint of Gwen Stefani... Guitarist Mick McClounan offers solid riffs and catchy lead guitar throughout this work. His commercial approach is spot on and you can hear his influences from all the ages especially in tracks like In Spite and Bang, Dead! Bassist Jake Brackenridge introduces us to a few of the tracks on this EP including one of my favorites Nothing At All, a softly sung number with a bit of everything Imogen Brave has to offer. Drummer Andy Cienciala locks in with Jake and plays the skins like clockwork, solid and modest, the right stuff in the right place... Fall or Fly is definitely worth your time and if you can, make sure you check out one of their electric live shows

"...This is a band that should not be taken lightly, with vocalist Stef Crowley standing out front and delivering the goods with a classic rock-chick attitude... Steffi oozes power and raunchiness from the scorching opener 'Walk Away' through to the powerful 'Love is like (Open Heart)'. “Open Heart” is an unpretentious studio quality presentation of Imogen Brave live on stage. The full sweat and energy of a live show is palpable, and the (few) overdubs are limited to harmonies and additional rhythm guitar tracks. The passionate ballad 'Missing You Dearly'... builds to a powerful crescendo and a Led Zeppelin style solo... 'Desperate Lines, Open Doors'... with its heavier Marshall/Les Paul backdrop and the use of pinched nodes... These five tracks are enough to shine a light on the strengths of Imogen Brave. Punchy rhythms, powerful guitars and pouting vocals combine to deliver a blend of original rock that draws from a range of influences, yet bravely defines itself as original.

"As far as debut E.Ps go, Open Heart from Imogen Brave is a winner! ... a very solid listening experience, and a sound that is very original. The vocals from Stef are simply perfect. More than just a hint of Gwen Stefani influence shines through, particularly on the opening track "Walk Away", while her talents truly shine on "Missing You Dearly". The rhythm section provided by Andy on drums and Neil on Bass is superb, and Mick on guitars can't be faulted. Imogen Brave appear to be a well practised and confident unit, and write tunes that would comfortably slot onto any commercial radio station. "Desperate Lines, Open Doors" is quite reminiscent of Australian alternative band Something With Numbers, while "Exit Collapses" is a little Killing Heidi. The final moment on the E.P, "Love is Like (Open Heart)" is possibly the moodiest and most frantic the E.P gets, and is the perfect way to close out this debut. After only 5 songs, I am left wanting more... And that is a good thing!"

"Characterised by the sassy pop-rock infused vocals of Stef Crowley up front, Imogen Brave are built on rock-solid foundations, with the end result being a glorious debut offering. The five track disc sees the band delve deep into their rock influenced past with commercial hard rock offerings such as the opening track “Walk Away” and the equally radio-ready “Desperate Lines, Open Doors ”... These up-tempo rock tracks are soon contrasted by the glamorous but haunting desperation of “Exit Collapses” as the band explore the more sombre side of life, whilst demonstrating the depth of talent and experience on hand. With the angelic-come- fragile, yet twisted vocal performance on a track like “Missing You Dearly” providing a solid backbone to the EP , it’s the dirtier hard hitting rock track “Love Is Like (Open Heart)” which provides the highlight in my opinion..."

"...Sounding like they have summonsed the spirit of The Runaways and combined this with the modern pop-sensibilities of Pretty Reckless, this track draws the curtains on the first Imogen Brave chapter in all its raucous rock’n’roll glory. Imogen Brave can comfortably pull their stool up and sit at the bar alongside other Australian female fronted rock bands such as Spitfire Rain and The Scarlets. “Open Heart” is the culmination of the last couple of years of hard work from Stef and the boys, and those liking a dose of attitude-filled, emotion charged rock should definitely open their hearts and give Imogen Brave a couple of minutes of their precious time..."

"Imogen Brave. In a nutshell they're popstar Anastacia fronting a Mötley Crüe cover band, an Australian Idol finalist fronting a police lineup of british gangstas fresh out of a Guy Ritchie film or rather like what a Top 40 pop single from 2008 would sound like mashed up with a Top 40 rock record from 1988. It's all there in the Aerosmith guitars, the chunky cock rock aggression, how the singer goes through eight octaves in five syllables and how I get the distinct impression I'm watching a Vegas act, only with a few less nipple tassles. Still all things considered, for their second ever gig (ooooh I love a fresh target!) what they certaintly DON'T lack is guts. Imogen Brave tear it up, their lead sings like she has testicles the size of bowling balls (yeeeouch! that's one bad mental image!) and all in all, I'm rather impressed!... I'm sure they've got a more than bright future ahead of them!"