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“Bringing the Hope Back is much more than an album that you put your hands up and move side to side to; it’s a therapeutic experience. The thought provoking material leaves you in a humble state of reflection. Ill Tone’s decision to pour out the gloomy details of his journey allows his audience to connect with him on a personal level, which is a quality that makes a true artist.”

“Tone delivers a ghoulishly grin-worthy pan of himself in his drug phase on “Bringin’ the Hope Back”.”

“Dirty Old Mixtape is an amusing backpack hip-hop head-nodder.”

“Ill Tone is intent on making his mark on the music industry and his community, and he’s actively achieving this goal: recording, performing, fundraising and talking politics. Whether in Vancouver or on the island, he loves what he does and is building momentum by the minute. HipHopCanada decided that Ill Tone would be a great addition to our Prolific Profile series, so here he is.”

“He says he’s just a skinny white kid from the Comox Valley who fell in love with hip hop. So far, that love affair has resulted in more than 100 performances throughout B.C., numerous charity benefit concerts and a feature story in HipHopCanada.”

“Rex, Beyond and Ill Tone remind me of what it's like when music is “good”... rare case these days. ”

“BROKEN LOGIC PRESENTS 'THE WEED EP' - Right in time for 4.20. A potent mix of BC’s Highest. This is the perfect CD to kick back and burn one too. On top of the All-Star cast of local talent this mixtape is full of snippets from your favorite Marijuana songs and films.”

“This one has been out since 4/20 but it belongs in any weed heads collection. The Weed EP brought to you by Broken Logic features a 'potent mix of B.C.’s highest'...”

“Bullshit, some of the best "White rap" since House of Pain.”

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