Euskal Herria a.k.a. iLL Minded Gawd (Jesus) / Press

“So-called underground rap is easily the most ambitious genre in contemporary pop music right now, but in the process of proving itself, it often sacrifices accessibility. iLL Minded Gawd’s production has grown only more sophisticated since his Axe Jones releases and many collaborations with Julian Ceaser making his new material an even more a palatable experience leaving you to stumble out with a handful of choice images and a vague sense of its sonic makeup. You’ll find plenty of brilliance here, but you’ll also dizzy yourself in the process.”

Jacob M. Flockinger - Grime Sound Publications

“He's in stores now, iLL Minded Gawd - triple X plicit, 907's freshest new flavor getting love from Los Angeles to New York, around the world. He's getting airplay everywhere. He is killing it and holding it down for Anchorage, Alaska...go check up on him at www.soundcick.com/illmindedsworld. You got to love this guy, he is one of the most original rappers I have ever heard and he is from ALASKA people, so don't sleep!”

Rusty 'the night time playa' - KFAT 92.9

“Since his post-2008 output – namely Life Goes On, the single I'm Your Sorrow along with 2010's remix of Bulletproof featuring Knowledge Born and Architectnique – are all above reproach for those into willfully complicated collages out of a tourist trap called Alaska, he paints landscapes as reminiscent of Predator as anything post-9/11. It’s a big leap, be ready to flip open your thesaurus and have some open-mindedness to the controversial lyrics, iLL Minded Gawd fills his songs to the spilling point with hyper-literate genius imagery, layers of spastic, tempo-shifting sounds, off-balance instrumentals with samples ranging from jazzy to Eastern. Let's hope this artist never 'dumbs it down' I like him just the way he is.”

Anthony Davis - Los Domingos Music Scene Weekly

“Give this guy a hug he deserves it!”

Aesop Rock - Definitive Jux Records

“iLL Minded Gawd is a diamond in the ruff! His groundbreaking lyricism and ingenious production is truly addicting, he is a true asset to the Alaskan Hip Hop scene. I see a bright future for this artist.”

Kim Kain - MTV Radio

“This guy is f-ing sick, I've never heard an emcee from Alaska this dope. Big Ups to iLL Minded Gawd triple X plicit. Mad nice to work the wheels for you.”

DJ Manyacal "Alaska's World Record Breaker" - KFAT 92.9 Saturday Night Phat Mix

“A few days after a desperate request for a couple of song’s lyric sheets, I received a strange response from iLL Minded’s publicist: “He’s working on one, but it won’t be ready anytime soon. It’s pretty dense stuff.” Understatement aside, I wasn’t sure if I was getting the runaround, or if iLL had actually penned his lyrics on spare fast food napkins, the ink bleeding to the point of illegibility. God, I don’t envy that job. In any case, the emphasis at S.I.K.C. Theories Works has always been on the recordings, certainly not accomodating the media. Yet he has a sonically dense brand of urban reflection. On more than one occasion, iLL has expressed his pleasure with baffling listeners. He sums up the rich, yet unsavory aesthetic nicely on his equally brilliant and impenetrable solo efforts. And so assessing iLL Minded Gawd may be a futile effort in some respects. He is too genius for that.”

Taylor Reiter - The Musical Box Fanzine

“iLL's one of the nicest emcees we've had the pleasure of listening to thoroughly annihilate the competition, so many weeks as battle champion and still going strong! Much love to S.I.K.C. Theories Works and my dude iLL Minded Gawd, you're turning out top shelf graphics and killing these airwaves man.”

The World Famous Kool DJ Reggie Ward - KNBA 90.3 FM

“This mothaf*cka is sicker than a crack-whore eating the sh*t out of Goretex's a**hole, definitely a f*cking goon. Get yours iLL Minded.”


“At an Alaskan downtown spot called Bitoz Cafe, Anchorage rappers, producers and hip-hop heads gather to debate who ranks among the city's top lyricists, one of the most prolific and infamous visitors, is a combative rapper who calls himself - deep breath now - The iLL Minded Gawd -Triple X Plicit, and the man likes to battle onstage as much as online, he is also the host of the battles, so every Wednesday night, he and other quick-thinking freestylers can be found at Bitoz Cafe in downtown Anchorage. At a recent battle, iLL Minded and Greg “Gimmick” Rhinehart traded barbs at Bitoz in front of a handful of other rappers and onlookers. iLL Minded and Gimmick didn't appear to take any of each other's disses personally. The easy going, one-liner-filled performances are nearly as much “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” as they are “8 Mile.” ”