Ignite and Imagery / Press

“DOPE! - @OfficialCampLo.”

Camp Lo - Twitter

“I am feeeeelin this!! NC stand up right here. This ish is dope! It’s off the new album “Gimmick Free,” which you can get on iTunes, Amazon, and all other major online retailers.”

"these guys work very well together to create a smooth vibe whether the song is laid back or aggressive."

"But what’s even doper is the track “Get Your Hands High” by Ignite and Imagery! This joint is off their recently released album Gimmick Free which dropped on July 20. I’m about to check the balance in my checking account and head over to iTunes to grab this now!"

"their album Gimmick Free is built on both solid wordsmithery and an arsenal of tasteful, unobtrusive samples that recall the Golden Age of hip-hop hooks. Far more soulful than booty-bumping"

Ryan Snyder - Yes! Weekly

"it is an album that demands a close listen for what it does well: being an accessible and sophisticated work"

Ryan Snyder - Yes! Weekly

“a hefty album of soul stirring beats and thought provoking rhymes”

“Dixon presents a wide range of skills from crafting brilliant stories, catchy hooks, tongue-twisting alliteration that'll make listeners lose their breath”

John Bosco - The East Carolinian

“Rakim sliced over Marvin Gaye. The end product is a tight package accentuating the sinister beauty of John Dixon's art”