Ify Otuya / Press

“You are Wonderful!”

DollyG - Reverbnation

“Great music! "Body Work"is a hot song and a very DOPE video!”

Phruishun - Reverbnation

“I see why u sitting on top of the world.”

Bobby Markees - Reverbnation

“Great playlist! very original”

Matt Mezz - Reverbnation

“Temperature Rising with Body Work what do you expect ! excellent Vocals and Production !”

Charlie Martin - Reverbnation

“WOW!! You are phenomenal.”

Scetto - Reverbnation

“Killer sound Enjoyed the listen Keep up the hard work”

Demon Boy - Reverbnation

“Awesome music ear/eye candy”

Daly Redline - Reverbnation

“Amazing Talent”

LProduct - Reverbnation

“So Right, has a radio play to it that is worth investing in.”

King 1Revsconie - Reverbnation

“Excellent production and performance. You're on your way, young lady. Keep making those classy, sexy tunes.”

Alpha Nomad - Reverbnation

“Nice Vocals all through and "BODY WORK" is a bang”

Witty Wiz - Reverbnation

“Outstanding songs and vocals Ify, you are a very talented artist, keep up the truly wonderful work!”

Robert Steven Hunt - Reverbnation

“I Love You!!! You are sensational!!! Should be a household name and i believe you will be”

SHIRLWHIRL MUSIC- Songwriter - Reverbnation

“Tight vocal work combined with infectious rhythm ! Solid work.”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

“Congrats on your #1 ranking! Keep up the good work!”

TheViolet Hour - Reverbnation

“Nice sound! And a very sexy vibe going on... You'll do great.”

Vicky's Puppet - Reverbnation

“Very well crafted material. sweet roots feel! Tight vocal work!!! Respect from Chicago.”

Thadeus Project - Reverbnation

" Body Work " fantastic track

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation

“Temperature Rising...hot! Fat tone, great catchy vocals...love the mix and harmonies are superb. That is a massive 7 outta 7.”

Dan Albury, 7beatstreet - Reverbnation

“Love it!!....Radio is a classic.”

Jiff - Reverbnation

“Liking the different approach to soulful music... has a retro feel! especially radio... a bit like the Supremes!”

Lynsey De Buse - Reverbnation