“I can't believe that 'Death Punk Electro' was four years ago, but I can believe that I need to hear it again,while setting this EP up for dispassionate analysis and be 'dispassionate analysis' I mean dribbling all over the work of a man who may be taking the piss, may be a lazy and entertaining underachiever, or may be a man who, quite rightly, spends some time looking out of windows with his mind in neutral. Well we have tight, white electro trash that storms through a welter of influences and they go like this; David Bowie and The Cars skin Space Waltz in a disco speed binge, then Suede bleep and shudder an uncomfortable shrug through My Life Story. Next up is the kind of thing you'd expect from a man wearing a check shirt under his space suit, kind of Ten Benson swirling an organ into an unwary Pet Shop Boy and then we get an electro anthem that is probably aiming for something in the Cage or Drake line, but happily is more in the way of Peter ..is it any good? I fucking love it.”