Ian Moore / Press

"...punchy, propulsive barnburners leveled with unapologetic enthusiasm. They make an emphatic impression straight from the start, as expressed in the relentless rocker "Secondhand Store," the finger-snapping dynamic of "Tap the Till" and ever-dynamic surge of "Birds of Prey." The energy is infused throughout, maintaining the momentum all the way through to the finish, and given the insistent stomp of "The Levees" and the boogie-like shuffle driving "Let Me Out," success is assured. The result becomes a riveting rollercoaster ride that's as captivating as it is consistent."


"...a steroidal collection of rockers demonstrates Moore's total comprehension and mastery of 70's and 80's rock...Moore and his band leave nothing but jet trails...Each new tune vaguely recalling some jukebox memory without ever dropping into derivative parody."

Texas Music Magazine

"...this record rocks."

Kim Ruel - No Depression

"Touring on his rocking new album El Sonido Nuevo, Moore drove his amassed throng of cult members to the edge of madness and over Saturday night with a smoking 90-minute show that matches anything I've seen in a long time for muscle, smarts, virtuosity, and rock and roll enthusiasm... Moore served notice from the first note that his trio can hang with any band on the planet. Yeah, that good."

Houston Press

"One listen and you're hooked. Ian Moore's new CD, El Sonido Nuevo, is his most cohesive record. It plays and feels of a piece, a batch of rock songs that merge melody and mood sharply and succinctly. There's a Beatles inspired quality to the dozen tunes.But it still emerges as Moore's distinct artistry as he taps into his arsenal of influences."

Dallas Morning News

"A curious, superlative songwriter, a world-class guitar slinger, a tireless seeker of sounds (and did I mention a great soulful singer?) all of Moore’s impressive tools are on display on El Sonido Nuevo."

Pop Matters

“He doesn't fly with angels; he dances with devils”

“Top notch purveyor of lovely, emotive chanteur rock.”

“...a mix of precision and abandon...”

“Moore has created a brand of challenging yet highly melodic new-millennium pop-rock that establishes him as an audacious songwriter and player. He has struck that rare balance between astute complexity and utter pop appeal.”