Hypnautic of Top Flite Empire / Press

““My guys at Top Flite Empire are a movement. They created a buzz from the street and the movement has followed them to packed out venues all over the Rocky Mountain region. They are Denver's elite.””

DJ Chonz, KS 107.5 and Radio Bums

““Top Flite Empire is more or less a blueprint on how to conduct yourself as an entertainment entity: hardworking, professional and humble.””

DJ Bedz, 95.7 The Party Denver, Magic 98.9 Colorado Springs

““Our team has hosted the hottest parties for everyone from Diddy to Brittney Spears. Looking forward, we look to add Top Flite to the lineup and take them worldwide. These guys know how to rock the stage. They will be the face of hip hop emerging from the Rocky Mountain region.””

Nehemiah Boykin, Owner/President, OA Agency

““Top Flite Empire is making a very focused and driven effort to put Denver on the map when it comes to chart-topping hip-hop. Having witnessed their rise in popularity in just a short amount of time, I have no doubt they’ll fulfill their dream to become the biggest rap act from the Rocky Mountain Region ever before they know it.””

Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia, Hip Hop Nation [SiriusXM]

““Denver Hip Hop Scene, 'Rocky Mountain' Style, Growing In Popularity” ”

Huffington Post

“out of the 24 best parties/ shows in denver on Halloween Hypnautic was performing and throwing 2 of them,, Casselmans was a great show and Sutra sold out!!!”

“Local artist Hypnautic wins Chamillionaires Grammy:”

“Teran-G is presently managed and produced by established Colorado, USA-based artist, songwriter and producer, Hypnautic a. k. a Johny Cocks; renowned for works done with artists such as Bone Thugs and Harmony, Swisha House, Pall Wall, Bone Crusher, DJ Green Lantern, CBO and more. Together, Teran-G and Hypnautic formed the 'Top Flite Empire;' a recording and production business platform to consolidate their respective talents. Teran-G, a graduate with honours in Politics & International Relations picked up his unique sense of music from classical Jazz, Soul, Afro-Beat, Rock and Hip Hop and was influenced by artistes such as Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Bone Thugs "n" Harmony, Diplomats, Wu tang clan, Linkin Park and Blink182. This perhaps explains his rich verbal expressions and rhythmic lyrical dexterity which captures a graphical depiction of various set scenarios in his life experience, giving him that down to earth demeanor that instantly attracts one to his musical style.”

“Hypnautic: Setting Colorado's Underground Hip Hop Music Scene On Fire! March 28, 2009 (Denver, Colorado) – CyberMusicPromotions.com and Hip Hop Premiere Magazine introduces to the world rising Hip Hop superstar from Denver , Colorado "Hypnautic"! "Music That Hypnotizes The Masses", is what is being said about Underground Hip Hop artist/producer extraordinaire from Denver , Colorado , "Hypnautic". His music has been circulating throughout the Underground Hip Hop music scene for years and he has tore up stages across the nation over and over again. His music is hypnotic and his rhymes are legendary, this Underground MC is about to set the underground music world on fire again with hot new releases by him and partner Fat Lee in 2009. With a grind that just won't stop, now the world can get hypnotized once again to the music from the artist notoriously known as Hypnautic. ”