Husky Burnette (Official) / Press

“Husky Burnette deals in just the kind of illicit substances I like best: a rough voice, a dirty groove and a foot-stomping beat.”

April - Now This Sound Is Brave

“Very few albums pass under my nose that I can’t find at least something wrong with, yet I can’t bring forth any gripe about Facedown in the Dirt....what makes it so unique is his ability to straddle lines without crossing them...the groove is the glue that binds Husky’s great taste for tone with his top notch songwriting...”

Triggerman - Saving Country Music

“(Facedown In The Dirt) My CD of the year...i f***ing love this beast.”

Andy Austin - R/N/Z Magazine

“They take North Mississippi Hill Country blues, drag it through a few hollers, douse it with kerosene and blow it up real good!”

“Husky Burnette brings a rough, shambolic yet fist-tight blues that stomps, honks and grinds it out. My ol' neighbor lady'd say "That's Nasty!" Hunched, sweatin', swaggerin' and all up on ya. Think of a hair more trad early Black Diamond Heavies or a grunge R.L.”

“A Delta Blues-meets-Jimmy Page-circa-In My Time of Dying raw duo show...a seated, Son House-inspired blend of noise and nuance, his man Burma keeping time... Burnette's achingly slow-burn guitar work seems to be in the right place—which is more than most of your Alligator Records crowd can say."”

"It's a distortion-filled, guitar- and harmonica-driven blues track that immediately caught my attention. Burnette's gruff vocals capture perfectly the raw sexuality of the sweaty strip club lyrics" (in reference to the song 'Shake That Thang')

Rambles.NET - USA

"Moanin’ hillbilly blues. Absorb that phrase for a minute and you can imagine what you’ll get with Husky Burnette. With his gravel voice, juke joint blues twang Burnette is a present-day incarnation of the blues singers of the past. Get your cornbread blues on..."

Macon Telegraph - USA

"Do you like your blues raw? Do you like your blues dirty? Do you like your blues done with feelin’? Then you need to check out Husky Burnette and his damn fine 3 track EP ‘Snake Oil Salvation’".

SP Fanzine - UK