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“Mindmovie veröffentlicht nach "An Ocean Of Dreams" sein 2. Solo Doppelalbum.Freud und Leid im Leben lautet das Thema des rockiger und vielfältiger ausgefallenen Werks. Mit Spread Your Wings legt er einen Gitarren-Tune vor, der Mark Knopfler zur Ehre gereichen würde. Time Traveller und Caravan Tribe legen viel Rock Holz auf's Feuer. Hier schraubt sich die E-Gitarre wie bei Joe Satriani in den Himmel. Der Titeltrack wird domoniert von rauer Sangesstimme.Das proggige von M.J.Hartman gesungene "The Cage" ist Teil einer Sci-Fi Tetralogie.Let IT Rainnimmt percussive treibende Worldmusic-Motive auf.Die Songperle "When We Dream" ist eine atmosphärische Homage an Pink Floyd. Dem Verlust geliebter Menschen sind das akustische Gitarrenstück "Going Home" und das elektrische Pendant "On The Wind" gewidment. Mit einem Battlestar Galactica-Prog Theme klingt die Tour De Force aus. Mindmovie präsentiert charismatischen Rock mit vielen Facetten. Top Track: When We Dream Rating 8 of 10Points”

“just a side note...i was playing "Happiness And Tears" in my store today, and a customer said that he loved the music i was playing! Just an average guy looking for a hot tub. He said it made him want to stay and listen....even though our business was done!! i love that!! i think 'going home' caught him initially.... the whole CD is captivating!!! peace! ”

Michael Jon Hartman / Singer, Songwriter / Artist - personal mail

“My best buy! author: Ronald de Graaf Sometimes you're lucky - that's what I felt when listening to Mindmovie. The two CD's offer (in my opnion) a perfect combination of Camel's Andrew Latimers fingerpicking and the average up tempo Hollywood-riff. Ironically the last track on the bonus CD, called 'The house of love' is really superb, because of the voice of Sara de Bourgeois. Although I am very content with all the CD's I ordered at CD-Baby, Mindmovie was my best buy.”

“A rare treat author: Michael I tend to get a little apprehensive when a member of an existing band produces a solo album. An Ocean of Dreams is very much an exception. While Mindmovie is an integral part of progressive rock band Flaming Bess, this album conveys the feel of a well-written band project from start to finish. Great writing, lush keyboards and super tasty guitar playing. A real treat for fans of melodic progressive rock. Listen to track one and you'll swear it's Mark Knoffler collaborating with David Gilmour on a new Pink Floyd album. Nicely done! Michael Dunn Program Director PlanetNerve8.com "The online station musicians listen to"”

“Great music author: Michael Jackson Your CD was a pleasure to listen to...”

“It IS: An Ocean Of Dreams author: Raven MacKay One of the greatest albums I've ever heard from an "unknown" or rather of a non-famous artist. Mindmovie rivals clearly with the big once. There are a few outstanding master pieces like the Theme Song, A New Kind Of Men, Earl Grey, or For The Ones, to count a few. I warmly recommend to buy An Ocean Of Dreams, no matter what kind of music you like: rock, metal, atmospheric music, soundtracks or world music; even electro fans will love this album!”

“Forever With Me Recently, my friend uploaded "Forever With Me" to YouTube The piece is masterfully composed and well-played, with heart and soul crafting the moment, not just mastery, talent and outstanding ability. What is brilliant about Mindmovie‘s music is that it takes the listener on a fantastic journey and each time you listen to one of his compositions, you find yourself going deeper and deeper into your fantastic journey. Every time you hear that piece of music again, you uncover new and remarkable sights and sounds that you unintentionally overlooked previously.But what amazes me the most about Mindmovie‘s music is that when all is said and done, you find yourself at peace in a way you weren’t before you heard his music. And it’s in those moments that you realize that he truly does believe in “love, peace and happiness to the world” because this is exactly what he himself brings to the world as an individual. read more. foolwing the link ”