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“They also did a gospel song that sounded about as good as some done by Blind Boys of Alabama.”

“This band broke some rules and won anyway.”

"You just gotts ta hear them."* *EGPlant

EGPlant Digest

“Yea indeed we provide Various and Sundry Acoustic Blues, Tales of Woe, Americana, Indeed the stuff that inspired a generation...(and left a mark), Inspiring comments like "More Fun than a Barrel Full of Hounds !"*”

EGPlant Digest

“Originally conceived by Professeur EGPlant this alchemy of 3 unlikely elements has formed into a recombinant impossible to contain in some "sterile laboratory environment". We have spilled into environ and have been classified as an infectious strain."*”

EGPlant digest

“...“Hounds at Bay” started as an innocent...gig for a holiday party that changed...in midstream, suddenly demanding more raucous riverboat...music. These guys rose to the cause....this combination of talents and styles smoothly combined into the trio 'Hounds@Bay'."”