Hotrod Hillbillies / Press

“As on 2002 debut "Let Alcoholass, " Austin's Hotrod Hillbillies revel unapologetically in a heady and swaggering pastiche of drawled and twanged alt-country/light speed punk proselytizing. A full frontal triad with guitar/stand up/drums virtual WMD's behind Xavier Ortiz Lone Star declamatory sneering's, this Bar Room hit squared leaves none unviolated. Guitarist/Singer Ortiz pens the assauultive material and drummer Nic Botello and stand up bassist Chris Parrish have his back and then some. Close your eyes, and you can practically smell the beer. Don't fuck with Texas Rock'nRoll. 5 Stars ”

Rockabilly Magazine

“The unlikely fusion of rockabilly and gothic punk has produced some freakish results (Dallas' own Ghoultown comes to mind), but Austin's Hotrod Hillbillies only nibble at the nether regions of the mascara and tombstone crowd. The trio's debut Under the Texas Sky is country punk saturated in Budweiser and infused with an authentic retro vibe, a blindingly paced, 17-track homage to George Jones and Glen Danzig ("Skulls," the Misfits' classic, gets done up as a hayseed shuffle). Frontman Xavier Ortiz dispenses fucked-up backwoods wisdom on bawdy numbers such as "Pissed and Depressed," "She's the Devil" and "Let's Alcoholass." Rarely have humor, hubris and hysterics been so cleverly employed in the guise of rock and roll reverence.”

Darryl Smyers - Dallas Observor-Dallas, Tx

“They are proficient musicians and the vocals are pretty decent , the majority of their songs revolve around typical, hillbilly topics. Songs about race cars, whiskey, farm animals, bitches and a comfortable couch all fit into this 11 track disc. “Chicken & Pigs” is my Favorite!”

Lisa Marie - Rock N Roll Purgatory - San Francisco, Ca

“Comfortable Couch” is a pleasant honky-tonk vignette about the upside of fighting with the girlfriend/wife, and the playing is crisp and proficient throughout, especially on raucous near-instrumental “Chickens and Pigs.””

Christopher Gray - Austin Chronicle - Austin, Tx