Hooks4Hands / Press

“Ok, where do I start…? Synthetic Scream Metal is how I would attempt to describe this band in a nut shell, however if you have heard Hooks4Hands, Putting their sound in a nut shell is near impossible. Carrivick's Unique vocals are strong, clean and filthy all at the same time, this is accompanied and complimented by Steve Cangila's powerful – “there's a demon in me” - scream, they are an exciting combination. Then of course there is the musicianship that has been so riskily crafted with an outcome that can only be described as uncharted territory that leaves you, blown away, satisfied, stunned and confused in the best of ways. After a show, you will be spending the rest of the night trying to figure out how this works so well and why hasn’t anybody done this before! This is of course after you get your head around the amazing light show they so intensely offer you with things like beat matching lights, lazers, static globes, glowing guitar strings and evil robotic flashing”