Hipbone Sam / Press

“In our travels around the country we see a lot of live bands and I have to say, You guys are the greatest. You had the audience rockin and dancing and happy. Great music and great musicians. Thanks for an unforgettable and Fun evening.”

Robert B. - Fan, Saskatchewan

“HipBone Sam... they are absolutely the most amazing and entertaining musicians around!"”

Chapps Bar - Venue

“Hipbone Sam is rocking the stage outside... The PCCC is the place to be tonight!”

Prairie Capital Convention Center - Venue

“Illinois State Fair saw a great rock-you-out-of-your-chair show by The Hipbone Sam Band at the Miller Tent”

Bud Summers - Artist, St. Louis, MO

“HIPBONE - YOU ARE THE BEST! You are the only band I know that can make the whole crowd smile, laugh and enjoy the entertainment the whole night through. ”

Bree C. - Fan

“Now known all over central Illinois as the fun lovin’, music makin’, get-a-party-goin’ Hipbone Sam, the guy who yells “Let me hear you say yeah!””

“Hip Bone Sam was AWESOME! We had a great time! "Rockin' Blues"! That's what I'm talkin' about!”

John R., Edinburg, IL - Fan

“I had the pleasure of watching one of the best entertainers I have ever seen. Hipbone you are one of a kind.”

Jeff "Diamond" Vescelius - Fan

“We were, and still are, blown away by this guy. You've never seen anyone with this much energy and positive attitude in your life, you can't help but get happy around the dude.”

The Legendary Clampetts - Fan

“Thank you Hipbone Sam...for the awesome night of live entertainment last night!”

Bunker's Bar, Illiopolis, IL - Venue

“Oh man, Friday night was rich! My soul is still smiling. THANK YOU!!!!!”

Brenda K., Greenville, IL - Fan

“Excellent unique vocal, guitar and drums along with a great story in your lyrics on ‘She Walks In’!!!”

John Revitte, Los Angeles, CA - Artist

“Enjoyed our first listen to Hipbone Sam, the party band. No doubt a great band to have in for any celebration.”

The Pizza Kings, Canada - Artist

“Saw you guys at the fair, and was VERY impressed. You guys are great, fun entertainment. Breath of fresh air to us cats that love something different!”

Darren DeSilva of Awesomeface - Artist

“Sam- I love your sound---awesome mix of styles and ridiculously cool vibe!!!!”

Loren Dircks, Tuscon, AZ - Artist

"The spirit of the Blues Brothers comes upon Hipbone Sam"

Song Dogs (Band), Twisp, WA - Fan

"I love me some Hipbone Sam!!!!! Soooo love this!"

Pamela W., Springfield, IL - Fan

"Tom Turkey rocks, Love the tunes, Keep on rocking Bro!!!!"

Al Reilly, CATALYST (Band), Scarborough, ON, CA - Fan

"you gots the funk my friend!"

Live Piano Man (Band), Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK - Fan

"...luv ur shows, they r entertaining and original everytime"

Julie, Springfield, IL - Fan

"...definitely dig your musical style!"

Paul, Litchfield, IL - Fan

"I'm LOVING this!! Lol... good for you... great music, great story telling... Fun and groovin"

Marija, Calgary, AB, CA - Fan

"Love your style, it made me smile thanks"

Leevanhallam (Band), Nottingham, UK - Fan

"Hipbone Sam is awesome and so much fun!"

Crystal H., Sherman, IL - Fan

"Hipbone Sam...made an appearance along with Country Bruce Baise and they rocked the house!"

"Hipbone Sam, the alter ego of Kevin Hawkins, plays the area music scene with...a load of fun tunes and the determined heart of a dedicated entertainer."

Band Spotlight - Illinois Times

"Hipbone keeps the music rolling, the players hopping and the crowd rocking."

Tom Irwin - Illinois Times