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"...you got the universal creativity at ya fingertips, All you compositions are genuinely unique, memorable, brainy, and just plain addicting to listen to!!! AWESOME!!!!!

"The Gamut" Great-astonishing metamorphoses.

“Very nice. The bass on New Beast is... wow... beyond description. Haven't heard anything that intricate done on the bass since the first time I plugged a Primus CD into my player.”

“The sort of music that appeals to me most is that which fuses many genres, and yours does that; it's progressive jazz-funk, but a lot more besides!”

“Higher Than Pope "NEW BEAST" bass intro effect and digital piano will be stuck in my head forever! ... and then the amazing beats and the slap to the bass strings ... Awesome and Original! ”

“Listening to HTP is an adventure where anything goes. Styles and genres of music are pillaged, poured into a bucket and then thrown at a wall. "Anybody could do that"? Not everybody can, it requires skill, control and an understanding. HTP have skill, control and an understanding - go listen.”

“Love your hyper-intellectual artistic method in both sound and words (gorgeous poetry in your blog). No worry that you'll ever become "tedious," with a range like you've got! PS "Just a Girl" is a sweet confection in your hard candy shop :)”

“Higher Than Pope - HiDDeN RaDiO Site of the Week for May 30, 2009”

“* Genius. Chaotic and addictive, a perfect blend of the dance insanity of the 90's with the most perfect avant-garde of today. In other words, good show, have a biscuit." ”

“It takes Higher Than Pope to get 2009 rockin'! Congratulations on the most awesome music of the year! Brilliant work. It's an honor to be a part of THE most rockin' planet in MySpace! Keep causin' fireworks - and have a great, successful Higher Than Pope year! Mona”

“Your music caught me by surprise! I can't imagine what combo you used. But, the end result is power, and compelling drive forward!”

“The track itself is quite innovative, I was looking for that bag of mushrooms I had left over from high school to take so I could dive into this a little more. I'm not one to say what art is so honestly I have no criticism about how this song is written other than that it's trippy as hell.”

“complex, pumped, intriguing, creative: just a few thoughts that run through my head when i hear your tracks.”

“A brilliant style and a great selection of tracks for my musical addictions ;)”

“you guys are insane! lol. dig it!”

“F*** !!! Your music is very, very cool and best!!! Can I download your music or not? Thanks for good sound!!! REGARDS!!!”

“i really like the bass in your "new beast" track and the piano in the beginning. its real creative and im a big fan of the chord progression. woahh!! and how the whole track just switches up and changes to a blues melody with the steel guitars hahaha thats awesome!”

“I think you have the leading edge in music..very captivating...even more awesome through the phones took me to a higher plane!! Thanks Tasha xx http://soundclick.com/djtashauk”

“Yee-haw! Samurai Bonz is a flippin finger pickin fun fiesta! Great stuff! Unread Pages http://soundclick.com/unreadpages”

"Wow!" I just had my ears assaulted and my mind fried simply by listening to a few tracks of this aural crack.

“Amazing! Kickin! My kids are like "What's that?" We're instant fans. Thanks for reaching out. Don Don Shearer http://soundclick.com/donshearer”

“I like your music. I just must say that I think your song "new beast" is some kind of masterpiece. I like the raw attitude in your sound. http://soundclick.com/malkolmjohansson”

“HIGHER THAN THE POPE, BUT I`LL BET YOU`RE NOT AS RICH!!!!! LOL Thanks for the friendship. You´re "Starvation" track is off the hook!!! lol I like it. Good luck. -- DICARLO”

“well for me it`s something really inspiring...it`s very energical stuff - i don`t know somehow it reminds me CCCP, DM, Rollings stones(early ones), Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons and Jean Michel Jarre projects at the same time..and even Zappa and me for a little bit”

"Your music is unique and excites a need for deeper listening, and in my humble opinion that's what it's about!!" :: posted by two dollar shoes on Wed Sep 17, 2008 @ 10:20 AM

“wow you are really interesting and original sounding. I am listening. you are whacked in a good way....I am listening.”