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“With nearly a decade of musical experience under their belt, Pennsylvanian Alternative Rock band Hierosonic is showing that time serves you well with their new album “Consciousness, Fame, God, Money, Power” courtesy of Soundmine Music Works. Renowned for their incredible live performances which earned them support slots with the stars in Incubus, Jane’s Addiction, 30 Seconds to Mars, Audioslave, The Used, Lacuna Coil and Halestorm, there is nothing but high hopes for this album and the future of this band. This is what all emo bands should be learning from. You can sing about slitting your wrists and heart break all you want, but if you want to make some affect, try singing about war and children suffering, as this is something that grabs your heart so tightly it hurts and leaves you thinking about everything that is wrong in this world. It takes a great artist to come up with some of the lyrics in this album, with each song telling a story of its own, and each having a powerfu”

“Like a cross between Jetlag Gemini, Lostprophets, and American Hi-Fi, Heirosonic have a powerful rock fuel to them during Consciousness. Take the chorus of “Slave Machine” for immediate example; check out the way the chorus takes stab at you as the words “Burn, Burn, Burn” are shot out. That song is then followed by the sleezy/sly/bouncy sound of “Baphomet”. The band’s ability to mold several different styles in one track sounds great, and impresses from start to finish. Consciousness will keep you surprised throughout, as well as thoroughly interested and entertained. Vocally and instrumentally, this is a fun record. Recommended Tracks: “The Media Taught You That”, “Dance to the War”, “The World Upside Down””

“Awesome Album by a Bunch of Cool Guys Hierosonic is a talented band from Harrisburg Pa. The album is full of great melodies, cool riffs and intelligent lyrics. When this came out I was traveling over an hour each way to work- This was a constant in the player. Stand out tracks: "The Media Taught You That" "Paper Nation" "Baphomet" "Dance To The War" and "Paradox". These guys really know how to write songs. It's refreshing to hear lyrics that are well thought out too. The whole CD is good. Buy It!”

"All your leaders fail to lead you when your lovers fail to love" -- says Hierosonic on their latest album, with no shortage of thought-provoking messages, dirty bass lines, and pop hooks.

“Interview with Ben Stewart of HIEROSONIC in October 7, 2011 of Muen Magazine”

“Pennsylvania rockers Hierosonic signed with Soundmine Music Works for the release of their new album "Consciousness Fame God Money Power", this band goes from strength to strength and they also suprise me with a new sound on their new masterpiece. This one ain´t as heavy and progressive as "Kymatica" from 2009, what we get is a catchy and artsy modern rock album that can be described as Fall Out Boy meets Slaves To Gravity with a touch of Aussie rock on the side. There´s no doubt this album will be climbing the alternative rock charts if the radio will play songs like "Dance to the war" or "You´re mine", the production is excellent with edgy and crispy guitars plus I love the fat bass. The vocal arrangement on "Paper nation" is worth a Grammy itself, bravo! I love all songs but listen more carefully to brilliant stuff like "The media taught you that" and "Baphomet", Hierosonic are experts of thoughtful lyrics. Huge album! ”