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“IT'S NOONE HOUR....Formed in 1964 in Manchester, England, Herman's Hermits would go on to sell more than 80 million records internationally with an enviable catalogue of hits including "I'm Into Something Good" and "There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)" (for more, click on link)”

“Herman’s Hermits are known — in some quarters, infamous — for such pleasant 1960s teen hits as “I’m Into Something Good” and “There’s a Kind of Hush.” The Hermits may have been a parent-friendly alternative to more “dangerous” bands, but to hear lead singer Peter Noone tell it, the group was proud to be pop — especially if it meant revulsion from the music press. “We used that to our advantage,” Noone said of the Hermits’ defiantly clean-cut image. “We refused to play that game. We were like the first punk band. Our plan was not to have a plan.” By design or accident, the Hermits emerged in 1964 with a virtually nonstop arsenal of reliable, radio-geared ear candy. It was music aimed squarely at younger teenagers — not the intelligentsia and certainly not over-20 music critics. The rest of the story:http://coloradocommunitynewspapers.com/articles/2010/06/16/highlands_ranch_herald/lifestyles/hrh17_ent_hermits_all.txt”

"“Paying for performers are a large part of what we spend,” she said. This year’s entertainment included Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits. “He was fabulous,” she said. “He was to die for.” The event immediately benefits eateries, pubs and coffee shops, Mimmack said, but in the long run it is a boon for Sandpoint, its business community and the area in general. “It really imprints,” Mimmack said. “They really remember the downtown experience as special and will tell others where they have been and then others will make the trip. Overall, it’s a huge image maker for us.” Mahoney always enjoys the energy that Lost in the 50s brings. “It’s one of my favorite weekends,” he said. “The whole town feels alive.” SEE MORE http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/articles/2010/05/19/news/doc4bf37e891d60c432348962.http://www.bonnercountydailybee.com/articles/2010/05/19/news/doc4bf37e891d60c432348962.txt

“Even growing up in England, Peter Noone dreamed of a day he would surpass the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Dave Clark Five by playing Dowagiac. It showed Saturday night when he could finally cross that long-awaited concert off his British re-Invasion bucket list. And if you believe that, you probably also think Billy Sullivan with the exploding blond hair really is from Marcellus. Cleveland, actually. But Noone is the consummate showman, not to mention a human jukebox – someone shouts “The Hollies” from the Dowagiac Middle School Performing Arts Center audience and, on command, this new band of Herman’s Hermits performs “Bus Stop.” (See Full Atricle)”

“Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone cap Dogwood Fine Arts Festival May 15 Dogwood Fine Arts Festival hosts Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone Saturday, May 15, at the Dowagiac Middle School Performing Arts Center. The concert begins at 7:30. Tickets cost $45, $35 and $25. Noone is a multi-talented entertainer who has been delighting audiences nearly all his life. At 15, Noone achieved international fame as “Herman,” lead singer of the legendary Sixties pop band Herman’s Hermits. Classic hits include I’m Into Something Good, Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter, I’m Henry VIII, I Am, Silhouettes, Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat, Just A Little Bit Better, Wonderful World and There’s A Kind of Hush. Herman’s Hermits sold more than 60 million recordings. Fourteen singles and seven albums went gold. The Hermits twice were named Cashbox’s “Entertainer of the Year.” He also appeared on “American Idol” as a British invasion mentor and on the cover of Time m”