Hells Fire Sinners / Press

“Nov 6, 2010 The Shrunken Head The Triumphant one-show-only return of Hells Fire Sinners to Columbus exploded the Shrunken Head into a PBR-laden, scream along frenzy. Country-metal rockers Cotton Jackson and rockabilly surf-punks The Tommyguns riled the crowd for the hillbilly badasses, who inundated us with non-stop favorites, followed by a rowdy, high demand encore. Come home guys! Fuck yeah, Ohio!”

“There is an old adage that says in order for good to exist there must be evil. Well, the fact that bubble gum feel good pop exists means that here must be another sound that exists on the opposite end of the spectrum to keep the universe in balance. Hells Fire Sinners play that music.”

“With a name like the Hells Fire Sinners and a mailing address in Central Ohio, you can probably guess what their latest album, Confessions of the Damned, sounds like. Take the twangy, rockabilly roots rock favored by the alt-country crowd in this town, and mix liberally with both the cartoonish monster-movie horror of the Misfits and the jagged punk of Social Distortion, omitting the Johnny Cash worship and teenage angst, and you’re pretty much on point. If this is up your alley, you’re going to enjoy Confessions of the Damned. From the outset, the album is rip-roaring fun, running country and rockabilly traditionalism through the meat grinder in a moonshine-fueled massacre of raging punkabilly, scratching an itch nearly forgotten since A Planet for Texas went AWOL. ”