Heidi and the El Cats / Press

“California' is our favorite so far”

xenophanes, hamburg, germany - reverbnation

“I love your voice very deep very convincing. Tali Birenberg- Tel Aviv Israel”

Tali Birenberg - Reverbnation

“Wow! I just listened to "Louisiana" I love your work!!!”

Jeff Lathrop - Reverbnation

“Heidi could easily just try and mimck other blues singers but she's just herself here and thats a very cool thing to be if you're her.”

Jason Ricci - Harmonica Susperstar

“Awesome music! Much love and continued success!”

Princess Usheda - Reverbnation

“There are alot of evils in the world, in this time of unrest we are all searching for our Utopia. One way would be to look for the "earthly paradise"—a place like Shangri-La, hidden in the Tibetan mountains Such paradise on earth must be somewhere if only man were able to find it.”

James Hilton - Lost Horizon 1933

“ Cool & groovy -Yo! Daddy o! Heidi & The El Cats hitting their stride on the high life.”

The JazzXpress Caravan

“ JOHN FRY love your sound! cool, very cool!”

john fry - iac music

“Lyrics can be evasive - Until my bass player revises my lyrics they are unfit for rock n roll. But a song aint a song with great music and blah blah blah, so we have to find meaning in life and make someone be able to understand all the random thoughts in our heads in a focussed story. Like a camera taking a picture - The right picture says everything - the wrong one is just a bore. This is a business where having a thick skin, patience, moxy and peersistence is the only way to survive. Kepp on chooglin' Heidi. Make your record and make it the way you'd wanna hear it. Until it's that good don't let anyone put it out there, that's the only advice I can give - having wasted a lot a years I ain't wasting time now. Dave ”

dave - reverbnation

“5/2/2008 8:31:09 AM "It's great that you're keeping the blues alive with powerful songs and a soulful voice. That harmonica work is amazing as well. Keep on keepin' on!"”

Richard Scotti - IAC Music

"This is really pretty and evocative with an almost blissed out serene quality...The harmonicas just lovely and the voice is gorgeous.You can almost picture sitting by the riverside with the sun shining and life being perfect for the 3 minutes this plays."

Steve Ison - IAC Music

"Sultry voice, great harmonica playing"

Cliff Guest - iac music